Ode to Threshold

Ok. Here’s the thing. I love Target, I always have. I don’t know, there’s just something about that place – the perfect mix of practicality and fun stuff you will never need but buy anyway. Well, Target and I, we were pretty tight before (I would even venture to say we were peas and carrots status), but now that they’ve brought the style power to the next level, I have to say I’m a sworn lova for life. If Target says jump, I’ll jump. It’s like that. Mainly, since every. single. product. from their threshold line has a cuteness factor that is off the charts, son! Or daughter! Whatever you be …

So in all honesty, perhaps my new love affair is with threshold. Is that a Target house brand? I don’t even know. Bottom line – it’s DA Bomb. I first noticed the brand when I waltzed into the store on a mission for a new set of dining room chairs. I was pretty sure we were going to come up empty handed, so when I found these babies, marked down to $75, and about peed my pants and started weeping tears of joy at the same time. Waterworks all over. But more on those later.

I guess I hadn’t been in Target for a while, since every single aisle I turned down had more equally amazing goodness. Like this.

Threshold Upholstered Bar Seating

Or this. Classy to the max.

Threshold Lamp Base

And every single thing I wanted to pick up and lick was threshold. What says welcome home more than this chic little floor mat?

Threshold Just Doormat

I’d love to pop a sweet little black and white picture of the orange tabby in this frame. Funky but fancy at the same time. I dig it.

Threshold Gold Photo Frame

I was also in love with this larger, matted option, that had a nice light wood frame. I thought this would look great behind au’ toilet in the basement. It was $20 beans though, got to wait for that one to go onto the sale rack, first.

Threshold Wood Gallery Frame

I thought this storage ottoman would look pretty classic at the end of a bed in the abode. It was $139, which aint half bad for an upholstered ottoman – but it also got my wheels spinning for a diy project. Stay tuned for that one 🙂

Threshold Storage Ottoman

I want it all!! It took all the restraint I had not to load it in my cart and take it all home. So in closing. I think we can all stand up, and give Target and big old round of applause – cause, baby, you nailed it.

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