No Seriously, What Would I Do Without You

Sung to the Tune of the Adams Family:

You’re furry and you’re naughty

You’re even often haughty

But you’re loveable and you’re funny

Mr. Malcolm I love you

Is there anything better than making songs up about cats and singing the song out loud like a maniac – to your cat. Or is it just me. I think it’s something about a cat’s general lack of a funny bone that makes it extra funny. Or my general lack of adult humor, it could be that too.

The Orange Tabby Being Cute
The Orange Tabby Being Cute

I know most people have real (human) babies that they say are the cat’s meow (pun intended), but Malc is our baby and we love him to the moon and back. Earlier this week, the poor guy got really sick. Nothing that wasn’t fixable, but at the time, we didn’t know what was wrong and that was pretty crappy. Because we love him. We love him an awful lot.

Orange Kitty
Malcolm | Scooping the Hood

We had to tote him off in the kitty carrier (which anyone who has ever put Malcolm into a kitty carrier knows is actually far more traumatizing than him actually being deathly ill – he HATES the thing), and brought him to an emergency room vet who told us the damn cat had eaten a bunch of NON EDIBLE things while we were out of the house for 48 hours and that they had gotten stuck in his throat, preventing him from swallowing anything and forcing him to regurgitate it all up.

Cat and the Faucet
Umm, Could you Please Turn On the Sink

After lots of x-rays, IV fluid and item searching in Malcolm’s belly, we brought the poor guy home to try and get better. It can be so hard completely and utterly loving an animal. Their time on our little green earth is so short (I guess all our time is short, fleeting, and unpredictable), but seeing him so confused and in pain was hard to watch. You can’t really comfort them, he was pissed at us and totally drugged up from the vet and really wanted nothing to do with us. Which is hard, because you want to comfort him and to make everything better for him, but he is an animal, and really has a very limited capacity to understand it all.

Malcolm and His String
Dominating the String

By the next morning his drug induced haze had worn off and by the time 24 hours had passed he was back to his normal, naughty, adorable, loving self and we couldn’t feel luckier.

Dancing Cat
Cat, I’m a Kitty Cat

Thank you Malcolm for making us laugh every single day without fail. Thank you for snuggling with us every night and for greeting us at the door like a dog. Thank you for your crazy little personality and for your crazy little routines (sink maniac, wanna be squirrel hunter, string obsessor). You’re all that and more my dear kitty! We are so lucky to have a little orange tabby as sweet and smart as you – and for God’s sake – stop eating things you’re not supposed to. That is the end of my ode to Malcolm. So, the end.

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