Nadeau or Nadon’t

One of the absolute best things about moving down to a new location, has been scouting out all the haunts with the best goodies. From food (mmm pulled pork) to furniture, I’ve been on the hunt for our new favorite locales. Jay had last Friday off for the Easter Weekend, so we decided we’d take a little adventure and explore the Raleigh-Durham area to see if we spotted any gems.


The winner of them all, believe it or not, was nestled in a mall 😀 A very hip, urban mall, that is right up against a neighborhood in downtown, but a mall none the less. Now that we live down south, I guess I envision all of our score places being in some derelict building American Pickers style where we’ve gotta hunt for the goods. Nadeau, which is in Cameron Village for NC locals, does incorporate some elements of that hunt, since everything is packed up to the ceiling…

This place abso-poso-tively rocked my socks off. I don’t think there was a single piece of furniture in that joint that I didn’t want to put in my pocket and take home with me. Check out these cute little bar stools. Lovely wood tops, each with a unique metal base.

Unique Wood Bar Stools

For a slightly softer industrial look, this stool with a linen top also had me at hello.

Linen Bar Stool

The best part about this place (other than their amazing selection) was that the prices were pretty hard to beat. I mean, the ultimate score is definitely finding things used (in my experience), but when you can find a place that has new items at about half what you’d expect to pay for a similar item new, that’s also a pretty solid win!

The dresser below reminded me a ton of this dresser from Home Decorators that I’ve been drooling over since my eyeballs spotted it a few months ago. Only thing holding me back? The dresser I love online is $849 …. um YEAH.

White Painted Dresser

That white stallion of a beauty above? $320!!!!!! Well helllloooo, to you! See what I’m sayin?! I could seriously do some damage at this place once we land in our new abode.

This dining table below reminded me a lot of Restoration Hardware table’s I’ve seen before (upwards of $2k!), this one is below $800. With some linen upholstered chairs, that table would look oh so fine.

White Wash Dining Table

I blame it on all my interior design clients, but I’m totally on a console table kick right now, I just can’t get enough of them. So when I spotted this console table with an inset beveled door, I started scheming on how to fit that baby in our apartment, so I could eventually move it into our imaginary home that does not yet exist. The husband gave me a firm N. O. (It better be there in the next few weeks for me to come back and grab that beaut…)

Light Wood Console Table

For a larger space, this one also caught my eye. Don’t you just want to lick it? It would look oh so fine with some jute baskets underneath and a styled top.

Light Wood Console Table

If you were looking for a pop of color, this guy would look great in an entry, or for extra storage in another location in your abode.

Green Hutch

Now, if I can pull it off, I totally want to have an office in our next house. It doesn’t have to be anything large, I could even settle for the corner of a living room or kitchen, I just desperately want a dedicated desk space where I can spread out and make the magic happen. This dark wood desk would fit that bill up and down and all around. Yum.

Dark Wood Desk

One of my favorite finds the entire day, was this ginormous cabinet. I think something large and in charge like this would be awesome for a pantry if you were short on cabinet space. Since we usually buy homes as old as the Earth itself, we’re usually low on cabinet space 🙂 Throw some baskets in there, and voila, custom little pantry.

Large White Cabinet Hutch

For a space that’s a bit smaller, this lean little number would be lovely, too! (Can you tell I’m loving the light wood look right now?)

Light Wood China Cabinet

(Psst. good news for everyone else, it looks like they’ve got stores in a few urban centers throughout the country!! Here is their webpage if you wanted to check and see if they’ve got a shop near you!)

5 thoughts on “Nadeau or Nadon’t

  1. We got a giant (huge!) buffet from Nadeau for only $800. Nadeau’s inventory changes a lot and fast, so you might not lose out if you don’t get it when you see it. While the price is right, you can’t return purchases, so make sure its exactly what you want/need. Also, the top of our buffet has split along the steams in several places. It’s rustic, so it adds some character. However, its the second of their pieces I’ve seen do this (a friend’s console table) so just be aware you might just some “character.”

      1. Hi, I loved all the pictures of that second hand furniture on your latest post. I also love to shop at stores like that and at fles markets! After we bought this house many moons ago my would refinish alot of old stuff but he has no interest in doing that now. I think once your family has grown and married with homes of their own you kind of lose interest in your own home. Are you still on the house hunt?? Would love to see more pictures when you start the “hunt” again. Take care! Sandee Schnupp. p.s. I omitted the word ” husband” 5 lines up.

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