My Hands to Learn

Today was a good day. It was a reaffirming day. Yes – I can do this. We can do this – make this new life – embrace this new path that’s before us; challenging us and encouraging us to just jump and see where we land. Everything happened so fast – the house selling, getting jobs, the move. Which is the biggest, HUGEST blessing, but still it was a bit rattling and so tiring. Here’s Jay looking optimistic before we loaded the 20 foot uhaul last week… Notice SNOW on the ground! It’s currently 83 in NC!! 😀


Last Friday we packed everything up and hit the road. 10 hours of mountain driving later, we had landed in a rainy North Carolina. My sister and Mom we’re absolute super humans and not only helped with the driving to get us down here, but willingly helped us unload the entire truck with a constant drizzle.

Really, the journey down started last Wednesday, which was when we got the truck and started to get things ready for the orange tabby. Have I mentioned that my cat is like the highest maintenance mammal to grace God’s green earth, because he is. If that feline so much as catches a whiff of a kitty carrier and a car trip, you best be ready to get mauled by one mad creature. Needless to say, we thought the best plan of attack was to get this little guy some drugs from the vet to make the move a bit easier on him, and us.


Get this – the doctor prescribed our cat Opium. Jay actually had to sign off a form form the DEA saying he wouldn’t snort the stuff. I don’t even know – do you snort that stuff?! The cat was as calm as a cucumber the entire ride down. Not a peep out of him 😀

Since our house sold so fa-reaking fast up in Ann Arbor, we decided the best idea would be to get a temporary 1-bedroom apartment to hold us over for a few months with a short term lease. Word to the wise, it’s kinda tricky to fit a 3-bedroom house and garage into a 500 square foot 1-bedroom apartment. See I had it in my head that we’d just use the bedroom as a storage unit, and stuff everything we owned in there while we “lived” in the living room portion. The best laid plans, my friends, the best laid plans.

Moving_From_House_Into_Apartment Not going to lie – we (ahem, I) had some crisis moments as we were unloading the car. We were so tired, and so crazed to get the crapola job done that I didn’t get any action shots but just take my word for it, IT WAS BAD. We were maybe half way done unloading the truck when we all kind of collectively realized that things might, just might not fit in the apartment. This is what the bedroom portion of the apartment looked like after we finally unloaded everything.


Like an episode of hoarders, right? Bad.

We initially thought that we’d put both the couches (or at least one of them) in the “bedroom” portion of the apartment, but we quickly realized that it just wasn’t possible to wield them around the corner. Fail. So our living room currently looks like this.


Snicker. Cozy, right? On the plus side, the space is a prime time location for slumber parties 😀 The orange tabby loves it since it feels like everyone is right on his level. Really, it’s kinda fun. 🙂

Malcolm and Jay

Kissy kissy turned to attack three seconds later. 😀

Orange Cat Playing

For my cook of a husband, the kitchen is definitely feeling a bit tight. Plus, no dishwasher. Whomp, whomp.


Our dining room table is currently a catch all crap-collector. Since we don’t have a desk space, it holds our computer, along with all the other random things that collect on it throughout the day. Crowded at best.


The one saving grace for this apartment is that it has a in-unit washer and dryer. HUZZAAHH!! I mean, it’s large enough to fit like a towel and 1-sock per load, but Lordy, it’s definitely better than hauling my booty down to a communal laundry mat and waiting while my undies take a few hours to dry. Definitely better than that.


Knowing the space is temporary definitely keeps us a bit more sane, and helps us to focus on the journey ahead. We’re definitely on the hunt for the next Sell House to call our own, but for now we’re just trying to embrace this sorta crazy situation we have going on right now and just enjoy having pretty much nothing to do other than explore our new city and go to work during the day.

I’m super excited to share with you some of the adventures we’re having already in Durham, along with lots of house hunting escapades along the way! 😀 Hopefully we find a winner really soon, cause this apartment life is definitely only going to stay charming for so long. 😉

10 thoughts on “My Hands to Learn

  1. It IS charming! I remember Jack and I getting our first apartment together – after signing the lease we camped out there for the night with sleeping bags before moving our stuff in the next day. It was all very romantic, and reminds me of your current set up.

    I am also happy to read this post – we have just started to realize that this apartment-while-we-househunt idea might be the solution for us as well. I was feeling very defeated about the whole thing, but this kind of perks me up on the idea 🙂

  2. I just started following your blog and I love it!! You should write a book; you are such a great writer! I thought I saw a picture of a house that you had already bought in Durham; I must have been mistaken. your move reminds me of when my husband and I came to Arlington Va. from living in a small town outside of Wheeling W.Va. We were newlweds and trying to find an apartment was a circus! It all worked out and we will celebrate our 50th this Oc.t. 3 2014. We have been living in Fairfax Va. in our first home which was suppose to be our “starter home”. for the last 44 years and 5 children later. Anyway I love reading about your adventures in starting your “new life” in Durham N.C. Take care and I”m sure all will work out!! Sandee.

  3. Maybe I missed an update – did Jay get the job he was initially interviewing for? Last I remember he was still interviewing.

  4. I just discovered your blog and IG yesterday! Love! I literally poured through post after post last night and learned so much and such great recs! Thank you for all your incredible inspiration. Cannot wait to follow along with your new life in NC!

  5. we are about ready to be in that same situation. definitely not fun! but, it’s makes a great story! here’s to finding “the one” in sunny warm, NC! 😉

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