Mission Organization

Although the kitchen cabinets have now been installed, we are presently in a waiting pattern while the counters are being cut and getting ready for install. This is quasi sad, since it means we don’t have a sink or a dishwasher until then, but it’s allowed us to focus in on some other practical matters. Kitchen storage. Since we have the cabinets going up all the way to the ceiling, we got a bit more storage this time around. Score. Here is the main food storage area, above and around the oven.

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Whenever I see broad, open spaces. I feel the need to buy some baskets to schlep all my stuff into. It’s a sickness. I see hole, I buy basket. With Homegoods a stones throw away, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll find me a basket or two 😉 This time around, Lowe’s actually came to the rescue with some baskets that fit just riiigght into our upper cabinets. In the lower baskets we’ve been putting out lunch stuff (granola bars, pudding, etc) and the upper baskets have our pretzels and other snacky food.

Baskets for Kitchen Storage

Down under, we had some additional storage needs. The right side of the oven is focused on food storage for our cooking needs (oil, spices, etc). Since we knew we would be using these shelves for lots of storage, we opted to get sliding shelves so that we can easily access all of the items that get put back a bit further. It was a $50 upgrade per cabinet ($100) total, but when you are working with such a small kitchen – any opportunity to optimize the space was warranted in my eyes.

Sliding shelves in cabinets

Almost every meal in this house involves a potato or an onion or both, so we have special little baskets for these guys. What can I say, we’re a meat a potato family. 😉 Now Jay can just grab them as he cooks. Easy access. Got to keep the cook happy. I considered it a sign that our baskets we already had for these babies fit perfectly into the new shelf.

Baskets for storing onions and potatos

On the shelf right above, we opted to put all our spices and some of our cooking essentials. I’m thinking long term these might get a bit messy in here as Jay rummages around for his preferred spice, so I may have to put labels on them, or something of that sort. For now – at least they are organized and all in one place.

Organizing Spices

Another feature we added on during the kitchen cabinet ordering process, was this little nifty silverware organizer. It’s a double decker! Isn’t that awesome! The one (semi annoying) thing I’ve found so far is that it definitely can’t hold as many utensils in each little cubby as we could before, due to depth. So although is definitely space saving, it’s not quite as amazing as I’d hoped. I still love it though. I’m a total sucker for organizing, if ya can’t tell.

Silverware drawer organizer

While we were at HomeGoods, we snatched some organization sets for our big utensils, too. At $8 each, I was a pretty happy camper. Plus, they fit perfectly into our 18″ pull-out drawers. It was meant to be.

Kitchen Utensil Organization

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8 thoughts on “Mission Organization

  1. Love the baskets they are very attractive. I like the idea of using them to put onions and potatoes in. Right now my potatoes stay in the bag they came in and just get moved around the kitchen from shelf to shelf or to the floor wherever – not the best system.

    1. $5 each at HomeGoods! 🙂 We found that we were using these items so much that the open top of the basket made them easier to access. I think the baskets take up a bit more room in the cupboard, but overall we’ve found them to be pretty useful.

  2. I can not get over how perfectly each and every basket and orgainzer fits into your existing spaces. It gives the whole kitchen a very custom look.

    1. Thanks, May! We got really lucky on that one! It feels good to be optimizing the space in there.

  3. It does look gret. Keep an eye on those onions and potatoes, though. I think I read something once that suggested they should not be stored in the same cabinet–the off-gas from one spoils the other. Here’s hoping your countertops are in soon!

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