Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I gotta tell you, I’m pretty in love with our new little bathroom. Yes, it’s small but I think it makes up for it with it’s sweet little details and character. Now that we’re totally committed to the idea of the half-bath (no turning back once the drywall goes up) I’ve gotta say we are really liking having the extra space/nook in the corner. With the window right there, I think it would be perfect for a reading chair and basket full of blankets. Cozy, right?

Reading Nook in Bedroom

We finally got our toilet installed and the vanity has running water now, too! Since we are still working on finishing touches upstairs, it’s really nice to have a bathroom right there if we’ve gotta use the loo. 😉

Here is how the toilet looks all installed. We were a little bit concerned with how tightly it would hug the back wall, but in the end it fit and gave us an inch or so more space up front, which is nice since that adds to the walkable space for this bathroom. With slanted ceilings, the head room in this bathroom is definitely at a premium. 🙂

Toilet up against wall

Notice the toilet is a fancy pants dual flusher? The Sell’s have arrived, America. Added bonus, it also saves water so it’s right in line with our penny pinching frugal ways.

Dual Flush Toilet

For the price ($158), we are really happy with the look and feel of this toilet so far. One thing that set this toilet apart for me was the added detail along the base. All the other toilets I saw that had this type of detail were in the $300 and up range, and quite frankly for a porcelain potty, that just ain’t happening round these parts.

Inexpensive Dual Flush Toilet

And here is a shot of the vanity in all it’s installed glory. We landed up going with this faucet, by Moen. Unlike all the other faucets we’ve purchased, this one was available in the store, so we didn’t have to wait a few weeks for shipping. Added bonus.

White Marble Vanity

We tried to use the Kingston Brass faucet we had initially purchased for our downstairs bath, but MAN is this guy small! I’m not even sure what type of sink this faucet would work on, but I think it’s officially time for us to resell it since I don’t think we’ll ever have an application for it. Perhaps on a narrow pedestal sink this would work, but really, this little guy is pretty rinky dink.

Kingston Brass Faucet

Although our counter top looks just like marble, it’s actually granite, believe it or not! Granite is less porous than marble, but still should be sealed prior to water getting near it to prevent any water spots or staining. We had some spray sealer left over from our last house, so we decided to use that to make sure everything stayed in tip top shape over time.

How to Seal Granite Counter

Sealing with this stuff is super easy. Just spray a consistent coat of sealer over the entire surface (put a decent amount down, but don’t douse it). Wait 3-5 minutes, then come back and wipe it down. Easy, right? The directions recommend doing this once per year to get the stone properly sealed.

How to Seal Granite Counter

Since we had such a tight space to work with with the slanted ceiling, we thought our best option for a mirror would be one that was oval, so it could hug the side of the wall a bit more, allowing for a larger size. I had a really hard time finding a mirror with the details I wanted that was also the right dimensions AND the right price. For now, we decided to go with a more generic oval option that we got from Home Depot.

Oval Mirror with Slanted Ceiling

See how much we were testing fate with that top edge? We even had to mount the mirror a bit lower than we would have liked with an overlap on the wainscoting. For now, it does the trick. 🙂

Mirror Placed Over Wainscoting

I’d love to snag a vintage one down the line that’s a bit more ornate, but for now, we can at least make sure there is not spinach between our teeth before we head out the door each morning.

For others on the hunt for the perfect mirror, here are some of the other beauties I came across during our search, that alas, did not work with our slanted ceiling. 🙁

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

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