Marble Herringbone Tile in the Bath

Yes, I know. I’ve kept you waiting dear friends. Holiday breaking just felt so nice, and with the munchkin only 11-weeks out, we’ve been oh so busy in this little house of ours getting the abode/ourselves ready for our babes grand entrance.

One of the bigger(ish) things on my to-do list was to get our little bathroom gutted and revamped.

Truth be told, I’m pretty smitten with how the space turned out! Here is a shot of our marble herringbone tile up close!

Marble Herringbone Tile

True to form, we installed one of my favorite bathroom looks, a marble herringbone tile.

We love a clean and traditional look, so we decided to go with a nice crisp white subway tile for the tub surround. The room feels so much brighter, and less dingy now!

Inset Storage for Shower

Knowing that every inch of space counted in our tiny little loo, we also decided to try something new for this renovation, and installed an inset within the shower for shampoo and other shower essentials.

It’s the perfect size for all our bathroom beauty products – I’m so SO glad we decided to do this!

Inset Storage in Shower

Working off the finish on the tub, I snagged these sconces from Home Depot for $30 each. Can’t beat the price. and love how they look in the space. Simple and elegant.

Nickel Sconces

We lucked out with our toilet, which, believe it or not – only cost us $40! Here in Durham, there is a local rebate for $100 for any household that replaces an old toilet, with a new efficient model. We went from a toilet that used 3.5 gallons per flush, to this one, which uses 1.09 gallons per flush. For a pregnant women that tinkles more than I ever thought humanly possible, I’m pretty sure this was $40 well spent 😉 I love how it looks up against the marble herringbone tile pattern!

Inexpensive Dual Flush Toilet

Another cost cutter in this space was our sink! Initially we planned on just reusing the old one, but alas, once we got the new toilet in, we realized it didn’t fit! We landed up selling the old kohler on craigslist for $80, and finding this pedestal sink at the habitat for humanity reuse store for $11. WIN.

Inexpensive Bathroom Sink

Jay and I each have a favorite thing about our newly renovated bath. For me, I think I’ve found my new paint color. Benjamin Moore Pale Oak. It’s delish – perfection. (see it in our next house here)

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

Jay’s favorite add on – the new mega sized shower head. Sitting in the lap of luxury peeps.

Upgraded Shower Head

So there you have it! Our new herringbone marble tile bath. Man, it feels good to have that one off the list!

Want to see all the products sourced and some of my other favorite bathroom finds? I’ve got them all saved on this pinterest board 🙂

28 thoughts on “Marble Herringbone Tile in the Bath

  1. Ah! It’s beautiful 🙂 I just love your classic touch! We just finished tiling our half bath in marble subway tile (inspired by y’all of course) and it was quite a tough one for our first tile job.. but I’m glad it’s done and we can move on to the painting and installing of toilets! 🙂

  2. Great job! You REALLY got some great deals…holy komoly…$40 for that toilet! I’m a fan of Ben Moore’s Pale Oak…NICE!

  3. Oh my gosh I was sooo happy to see the words “Lemon Grove” blog on my computer this afternoon!!!! I was so worried that something bad had happened and that was why you hadn”t sent a post! Whew glad that worry is over! The bathroom looks great! My favorite in there are the lights and the marble floor!!! Hoping all is well and that the sweet baby will be here soon!!! So take care- Sandee from Fairfax Va.

  4. Welcome back Mary! I’ve missed your posts! The bathroom is beautiful, and I too am loving the pale oak paint. We just did harbor gray in our bathroom and it’s very similar! I can’t even describe how challenging finding the right gray is for such a small space. Glad you found yours! 🙂

  5. This turned out beautiful! Such a classic and timeless look. Can you please provide info for the roman shades you purchased from JC Penney for one of your rooms? I’m in the market for new window treatments and remember how much you liked them. Thanks!

  6. Ohh…. Nice article Your blog has got many innovative designs for bathroom interiors. The designs for wash basins and other sanitary ware are very attractive. Got many things to know through your insights. Thank you so much for sharing this great article.

  7. This just goes to show that even small bathrooms can become a focal point in ahome after a little remodel. I like how you kept it nice and clean, with all the white, to create the illusion of more space.

  8. Just curious if you had to do anything special before laying the marble tile? We have a 1950’s home with a crawl space and I’m hoping to add marble herringbone tile in the bathroom, too. And what about dealing the tile?

    1. Hi Leanette! Sorry, didn’t get a notification on your comment in my email, so I’m just seeing this 😉 For the marble tile, we didn’t do anything special to prep the backerboard before laying it down, but we did seal it with what was recommended by the sales team at the Tile Shop (where we purchased the tile). Hope that helps!

  9. I love the all-white design you went with here. There’s just something so satisfying about seeing a clean, sparkly, all-white bathroom. The marble tile you put in reminds me of the tile used in this complete remodel!

  10. Beautiful remodel! Beautiful installation and The Tile Shop is a great place to get tile! A company that I work for has 25% off tile purchased from The Tile Shop for remodel and installation. So if you are wanting to remodel once more but have an installer chip in to install I would recommend Flooring Masters, the also give free estimates and quotes! For future inspiration!

    - in the Indiana and Kentucky area.

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