Making Some Grand Attic Plans

One of my favorite things about moving into a new house is the complete unknown of new spaces, and new rooms. Making each area into your own and learning about the homes full potential. This attic renovation has kind of been like finding a space in our house and rediscovering a new room, like when you just move in. Sure, we knew the attic was up there, but we’ve left the door shut to the space for the past year, so opening this room up has just got me thinking about all the possibilities.

Here is the overall layout of the space.

Attic Layout

Pretty basic room, lots of potential. Initially, we were thinking about bumping out the back wall a putting in a dormer. But the more we thought about it, the more we became content with the layout just as it was.

We interviewed (3) contractors about a potential dormer, and in complete honesty, we just were not crazy about any of them. Each one had their own perspective on how to go about the changes, and it just felt overwhelming and like we would be giving up all control of the project to someone that might not have the same vision for the space that we did. Plus, it was going to cost money, and we like to keep money in our pocket as much as possible. So the more we pondered about it, the more we started leaning toward just working with the space we had. Done.

ย  Master Attic Conversion Mood Board

1. Since our attic is chock full of knee wall space that would otherwise go unutilized (and will be totally accessible after the spray foam install), clever storage is the name of the game in our attic. The entire wall to the left of the steps as you walk up the hall will be closet space. A legit his and hers closet. Yours and mine, no ours. ๐Ÿ™‚ With Jay booted to the guest room the second we moved into this joint, it’s going to be fan-freaking-tastic to have all our clothes and booties in one place. Wootie Tootie, all our bootie’s.

2. Ooommmeerrggaaauuuddd. Like look at this little light o’ mine. To say I dream of these little candelabras that could every night is an understatement. They must be mine. ALL MINNNEEE.

3. Oh, and these little sconces. Ain’t dey cuties?? I’m thinking we’ll have these flank the bed. Classy.

Attic Conversion

4. Since the pink stairs are u-g-l-y, I think we’re going to channel our basement wainscoting stairway and pop up some beautiful trim work. I also think that the stairs will provide a nice transition between the upstairs and downstairs. Wooden treads with a runner that matches the carpet upstairs. I think that might just fit the bill.

5. Well look at that. I forgot a 5 in my little purty graphic. 5 can just stand for a mysterious unknown element. Spicy. Wait and see, my friends. ๐Ÿ˜‰

6. We wanted to find a door that fit the rest of the house, and when I saw this little dudeย chilling at the Depot, I pretty much signed on the dotted line. We’ll be installing a pocket door off the bath in the Master Suite, so we unfortunately couldn’t reuse a door (that matched) that was already in the attic since it will have a big old hole where the knob was. Shucks. Can’t win em’ all.

White painted paneled door

7. Although I love our darkย hardwood floors, I’ve already mentioned they’re kinda high maintenance. ๐Ÿ˜‰ For the upstairs I wanted something that was soft and inviting, and also something I could rake a vacuum and not worry about scratching the heck up. We’ve been hunting for carpet the last few weeks (just for fun, ya know, since this will be the absolute LAST thing we do in the space) and this loopy stuff is like cashmere. I just want to pet it all day long. So soft.

8. We’re a big fan of light colors in our house, but for the upstairs I wanted to just go a hair darker. Something to warm the place up. Like a mocha frappe latte.

9. Upholstered beds. I love em. Problem is, the orange tabby loves them, too. Darn cat claws the helllooo dolly out of these things. Still. I can’t resist.

10. Built-ins. Have I mentioned they’re going to be a big part of the space? On the wall opposite the closets, we plan on popping in even more store. Practical and pretty. Winning!

14 thoughts on “Making Some Grand Attic Plans

  1. Love your selections! One #6 could you add a recessed pull to cover the hole in the door? And I hear you on the contractor issue – some aren’t worth the time to talk to. Best of luck – I’ll be watching.

  2. Looks like both of us fixer-uppers moved to new homes on the internet! Good to see you again. ๐Ÿ™‚ What a lovely attic space and such a fresh design. I am a sucker for white. I’d like to do ours in those colors but Dave is sticking to his current maroon and beige. ick

  3. I swear I JUST watch an episode of rehab addict where she showed how to make a regular door (knob hole and all) into a pocket door. Try to look it up.

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