Lightbulb Laundry Moment

I’d like everyone to put your hands together for Mr. Jay Sell, since he’s basically the one that made the magic happen with sanding our floors. I mean – I helped. I was very helpful, but at the end of the day, that man was the one that was wielding those heavy machines all around our house in the name of some fine looking floors. But truth be told, whenever I’m in this new house of ours for too long, my mind just starts to wander and I start to think about all the possibilities of every nook and cranny. So when we were upstairs, and I was “helping” and Jay was “sanding” we came across our big old closet on the second story and had a dilemma. Ya know, the one that stored the man with the bag pre-movin?

Life Size Santa

Well Jay, weary and tired as he was, got to the closet and basically told me he wasn’t going to sand it. There was no asking involved at this point. I started to protest (we only do this once, let’s do it right!) when I had a light bulb moment and my words flew back into my mouth before I’d even started. I looked at Jay with my best crazy eyes impression and said, that’s ok Dandelion, you don’t have to sand it… I’ve got some alternate too delicious to handle plans for this space.

And they look like this.

Slate Floors in Laundry Room

Or maybe they look like this? I’m still deciding πŸ˜‰

Either way, they look EPIC.

White Laundry Room

Slowly pivoting to Jay IΒ said, what if, we convert this to our LAUNDRY ROOM! Break out the angelic chorus, it’s the best idea I’ve had yet!

See, I was feeling kind of down about my new high efficiency washer and dryer chillaxin in this local.

Fixing Basement Wall with Ramjack

It’s a great basement, it does the trick of being, a basement – but it does this with absolutely no frills. Nothing fancy – just some Frankenstein style bolts in the wall. Oh, and probably five thousand big a$$ crickets that looks like spiders. You expect me to do laundry down there, aawwww heeellll no.

So I started to think about it, and with a few quick revisions, this place is going to be lickety splickedy perfect for our new suddsing up our clothes locale.

This is what the space currently looks like.

Converting Closet to Laundry

It’s long and narrow (4×8′) and perfect for some stack action laundry machines down at the back right. Ahh yes, noticing that there’s a doorway there? That will definitely have to go.

Here is my game plan for the space.

Long and Narrow Laundry

Playing off my two ideas above, I put together some mood boards, so that y’all can get a feel for two different options for the space. I do know, that these lovely lookers will be the crowning jewel. We went to Home Depot and I needed to buy a bib on the way out, I was drooling so much over these guys. SWOON.

Here’s mood board numero uno.

Laundry Room Mood Board

And similar, but slightly different, numero dos.

Laundry Room Mood Boards

Help me decide! Which look do you prefer?

32 thoughts on “Lightbulb Laundry Moment

  1. I love either! I wish we had a bigger space for our laundry (not that I ever do it) Keith gets that job in our house… πŸ™‚

  2. I like both, but, my eye is immediately drawn to #2. It feels a little lighter, cleaner. I’d totally have to move the laundry upstairs out of the basement as well. I’d never do any if it was in the basement. Anything that resembles a spider scares the bejesus out of me. πŸ˜‰

  3. What a great idea! I don’t think I had ever thought about tile in the laundry room before, but I love it. I’m leaning towards the second mood board but only because I adore gray cabinets πŸ™‚

  4. At first glance I like #1, but, considering that room has no window (right?) #2 might be better. Unless you can put some kind of skylight or solar tunnel in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just going to fantasize about someone else’s house for a little bit since I don’t have one yet lol…

    1. Ah, yes! Good point on the lighting … no natural light. A solar tunnel is an excellent idea though!! Ponder. That would involve Jay going up on the roof … πŸ˜‰ It’s kinda crazy how much light a solar tunnel brings in, have you seen before/afters on that. Now you got me thinking, Angel! πŸ˜€

  5. this is a great idea. I love when I have those aha moments, usually my best ideas come from them. And my husband always cringes because he knows it means more work for “us”

  6. That space was meant to be your laundry room! No way I’d be doing laundry in the basement, either. I am totally digging mood board #1, but I agree with the popular consensus that #2 works better for your laundry. Do you have a porch or mudroom that could benefit from that delicious #1 mood board (minus the washer/dryer)?

  7. I like #2 because it’s more light and airy for the small space. Also love the gray cabinets! So jealous of the 2nd floor laundry, it makes so much sense why did people ever start putting it in the basement?

    1. Yeah, I think you’re right that something light and bright is the way to go here! We’re so excited about this new location! It will be the first time we have laundry that’s not in the basement, so I hear ya! πŸ™‚

  8. Oh wow, I was actually leaning toward #1!! (I love red.)Haha – well, it’s a super great idea moving the laundry upstairs and it’s also going to be a fun room to make over!!! Time to update my laundry room!: )
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    : )Leah

  9. I’m on the option #2 bandwagon. LOVE the gray cabinets & the striped rug. So jealous of a 2nd floor laundry! Some day!!!

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