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Some details on an old house make me weak in the knees, in the best way possible. Our cute little door knobs. LURVE. Ignore the chipped paint – we still need to paint 90% of the trim in this house – mmmm – procrastinating on that one, if you can’t tell πŸ˜‰

Brass Knob Hardware

Solid wood doors, another show stopper. Love, love, love.

That being said, one of the things on old homes that you start to realize kinda sorta bug you (me). Light fixtures. I’m sure many old homes have lovely vintage chic numbers, but our abode happens to not fall into that category πŸ˜€ Figures.

Like this looker.

Old Light Fixture

Or this one.

Antique Hall Light Fixture

I mean, truth be told, they’re all pretty fugly in Mary’s book. πŸ˜€

So since I’m a girl that likes to dream I started to source some new loverlies last week. If I find a money tree – you know what I’ll be spending all those dolla billz on. πŸ˜€

Best Affordable Flush Mount Lights Eva Ceiling Mount // New Harbor Semi-Flush // Hounslow Flush Mount // Star Ceiling Mount // Progress Lighting Ashbury // Nautical Onion Light

Best Affordable Pendant Lights Josie Antique Copper Pendant // Garzeno 1-light Pendant // Globe Bronze Pendant // Williamette 4″ Pendant // Cadence Mini PendantΒ 

4 thoughts on “Light Up My Life

  1. Hi Mary, call me very “old fashioned” but I like both of your lights that you plan to replace. I think they look proper for the age of your home. The other ones just look too modern and they just seem to look kind of out of place. I guess I just like the older type of light fixtures; but I”m sure whatever you chose will look great! I Hope you are feeling better now. Sandee from Fairfax Va.

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