Life as We Know It

I’ve always been the type of person that is constantly searching for the next thing, working away, slaving away and trying to reach some type of mythical ideal reality where everything is happy and the sun always shines. I don’t know if I’m getting older or just tired of going all the darn time, but I’ve got to admit that part of my heart is finally starting to feel like it’s time to slow down and just enjoy things for one hot second before I move on to the next thing. I think it helps that living down here in NC still feels like a legit dream.

And although I can tell you that I’m feeling awfully content these days, in all honesty, slowing down completely just ain’t my jam. 😉 In addition to showing you guys all the fun we’re having completing a few of the big projects before we move in, I thought it would be nice to show you a bit of life as we know it these days, as well.

Our general routine these last few weeks has been to work on the house from around 7pm – 9pm on the weekday nights, along with one, larger project on the weekends  (like this, or this). Since we’ve only got a few weeks until we move in “officially” to the house, we’re trying hard to get some of the messier projects done before we get all the furniture, the orange tabby, and ourselves in.

We’ve had some exciting things happen, some good, some – umm, not so good. 😉 Like the fact that our basement decided to flood on us last week. #joy

Now … in all honesty, it’s totally our bad. Ya know how your inspector usually mentions things like, clean your gutters, otherwise your basement could flood since the water won’t have anywhere to go. And you usually nod your head and say, yeah yeah yeah. Well, turns out they’re pretty spot on right.

How to Keep Basement Dry

Yeah, that’s a gutter choc full of leaves and turns out when your gutter is full of leaves, it can’t do it’s thang and keep water away from your house.

Also turns out when you have a big old walkout and a location for all that water to collect, you’re darn tootin’ it’s going to.

How to Prevent Wet Basement

Yep, a bundle of fun right there. Lucky for us, nothing was damaged with the influx of water, since we caught everything soon enough. There was actually a flash flood warning issued for the area, and something like 2″ of rain came down in a matter of an evening, so I guess it wasn’t that crazy sauce that it happened. The downside was that we’ve been loading all our stuff right on into the basement, so we definitely had to do some reconfiguring. 😉

Also, remember that birdie (actually two birdies) that came to visit us on move-in day? The guy that came by the house to check out our chimney situation advised us to stuff a bag of insulation in the chimney for the time being, just to prevent airflow from seeping 0ut and wild life from getting in. Since it’s a completely non-functioning fireplace, and there are not going to be flames inside it for the foreseeable future, we thought this would be a great way to prevent any additional friends from joining us here in our abode.

Insulating Fireplace

On a less exciting note, we noticed a few things when we moved in that we needed/wanted/decided to change. First, we didn’t have a garbage can! With a quick call to the city though, they delivered these spanking new plastic beauties for us to toss our goodies into. I guess since the previous owners hadn’t been in the house for such a long time (they did not live at the house for 10 years before they listed it!), they just didn’t have a garbage…

Durham Recycling

A small thing that we actually changed on day #1 was updating our light fixtures to have some more efficient light bulbs. Since we tend to leave the outdoor lights on in the evenings, we thought that would be the best place to start.

Replacing Old Lightbulbs

The previous owners left this outside light on all the time. and it had a incandescent light bulb. Seemed like an easy place to save some cash, so we decided to pop in a CFL.

Updating Light Bulbs to CFL

Crazy thing is when we signed up for our new energy provider here in NC, they offered us a whole bundle of energy efficient light bulbs. Now is that the dandiest thing? Since we do plan to leave the outdoor lights on for extended periods of time, we’ll probably eventually update to an LED light bulb for this location, but they’re rather pricey, so I think we’ll wait a quick second before we decide to do that.

In addition to getting utility things in order, we’ve been trying to be very persnickety about holding on to all our moving related receipts since eligible items are actually tax deductible. Things like any activation fees you have to turn on your utilities, and the moving truck (depending on how far you move…) are all tax deductible expenses. Since we move our booties all the way from Michigan, a lot of those expenses were not insignificant, so it was definitely important to hold on to those receipts to make sure we could claim them come the end of the year.

Saving Receipts When Moving

Since we had such a beast of a time moving in everything the first time, we also decided that we’d spread the pain out a bit and bring things over in loads. Although we can’t fit a ton in our car, it’s a hatchback, so it does fit more than you’d think for being a little Prius!

Moving To New House

After about 6 loads to the house, we’re finally starting to make a dent in our “storage” room i.e. supposed to be bedroom. We’ll still have to get a truck to bring over the bigger things (our couches) but for now, it helps to break things down a bit more.

In reality, I’ve found one of the simplest things I’ve done to help this place feel a bit more like home, was grabbing a few plants to help make the house feel less like a construction zone, and more like a quaint little place where people live 🙂 Added bonus, I snagged those big old ferns at Lowes for $5 each (bam).

Inexpensive Ferns

In the mean time, this little orange guy is starting to get mighty stir crazy. I think he’s ready for an entire house to explore, and a few more places to lay in the sun. 😉 It’s an extra special treat for him when his papa brings him outside. Can you tell by the crazed look in his eyes? 😉

Orange Tabby Outside



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  1. Mary, I just wanted to say that I am loving your blog! Your posts are fun and helpful, and honest as well! I am so enjoying reading about your new place! We just bought a house a year ago and are hoping to tackle our kitchen this summer, although it’s not a gut, it’s just taking down a wall! Keep up the good work!!

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