Let’s Talk Doors

There were many lovely things about our home that we were head over heals about when we bought it. There were also – shall we say – some taste specific items that really didn’t jive with our abode vision. Case #1: The Doors. The doors were rather odd. They were original to the house (Score!!) so they are solid wood, and have great detail to them. However, they were all painted off-white (or pink), with a really, really odd, wooden insert in the middle. Not my cup o’ tea.

Door: Before

So, we (and by we, I mean Jay…) schlepped them off to the garage and sanded those suckers down. Once we had them out there, we did notice that they had more blemishes then we originally thought, but we will just chalk that up to character. 🙂 I took a few coats, 2-3 at least per door, but we now have a much more modern version of our doors, which I love!

Detail Shot – White Door Painted Doors

We purchased all new Kwikset hardware for them as well, which really finishes off the look if I do say so myself. At about $14 a pop, this update made a HUGE difference in the way the house looked, with only a bit of cash. Plus we were able to sell the old hardware on craigslist, bringing the total cost per door down to around $5. Woo-to-the-hoo. That’s my kind of home improvement 🙂

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