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Perhaps it’s the fact that I finally have my own (small) little corner of the world for an office, but these incredibly cute, eco friendly pencils from Social Goods absolutely stopped me in my tracks.

Now seriously, hold on to your pantalones, while you get a load of these.


Pencil Case

Ok, want to get your paws on a set? Enter here!

Win: A Pencil Pouch & Recycled Pencil Set
When: November 4th – midnight on Tuesday, November 11th
Winner: Announced on this post, next Tuesday!

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49 thoughts on “Let’s Get Social | Giveaway!

  1. I live in Seattle, the land of recycling. We have curbside recycling for paper, plastic and yard waste (which can include food scraps). I also have a compost bin for scraps.

  2. I live in west Texas and our town doesn’t have curbside recycling – yet. I hope it will soon!
    I think the pencil set is so cute. What a great gift to give this Christmas!

  3. I can’t tell you the last time I bought paper napkins… Or paper towel… We use cloth napkins on a regular basis in our house and I love it. My aunt found some muslin on sale at one point and fashioned us some homemade white cloth napkins in two sizes: dinner and small squares to pack in our lunches

  4. We’re trying to do more recycling, but our tiny townhouse makes it hard to store recyclables until we can take them in to the center. We always reuse plastic bags, we take our lunches in reuse able containers & we don’t buy bottled water.

  5. At home, saving bottles and cans are a must! Its great to recycle and help the world! Plus you do get a little back in return! 🙂

  6. Curbside recycling is a dream for us here in Delaware. We have one stream recycling which makes it so easy for us. Whatever can be recycled excluding very few things gets put in one container. We have yard waste pick up too. I also re-purpose items. I cut up old towels with holes for cleaning cloths. When a garment is no longer usable we salvage whatever we can from it such as cute buttons, fabric etc. to use in a craft project or make into other clothing or items. I remember I made a toddler dress and matching headband out of a sweater I couldn’t use anymore.

  7. Oh my gosh! Those pencils are beautiful!

    I just recently moved into an area where we don’t sort out trash and recycling, instead it’s done at the waste center. It feels so wrong throwing recyclables in the trash! I’ve been trying to make the most use of items before I have to toss them, reusing food containers and the like. Beyond that, I just have to have faith that our trash is getting properly sorted on the other side.

  8. Anything the city accepts in the recycling goes in the recycling and any tubs or containers that can be used again are reused.

  9. We recycle everything we can and re-use everything else. We also use cloth wherever we can instead of paper products. Diapers, wipes, un-paper towels, etc.

  10. I recycle absolutely everything I can. I use only ecofriendly detergents, soaps and are crossing over to more sustainable products for clothing and bedding. I make my own floor cleaners too. I buy mostly organic foods and beauty products, feels great!!!

  11. I switched from using paper towels to just cloth – and we love it! I laugh when my dad visits and asks where the paper towels are – we’ve been using cloth so long, I don’t even notice. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  12. We recycle everything that our local program accepts; we also buy in bulk and use reusable bags and containers to cut down on waste.

  13. We reduced by cutting out the K-Cup in favor of filling the refillable pod with ground coffee- better for the environment and better tasting too!

  14. We use reusable bags and containers as much as we can. And we recycle everything that we can, including bathroom items that always get forgotten when recycling!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  15. We recycle our cardboard, plastic, and glass, use a reusable k-cup in our Keurig, and we use reusable bags when shopping.

  16. We do curbside recycling of tons of stuff. So much so that it tends to drive my hubby crazy when I pull stuff he’s tossing in the trash and say, no that’s for the recycle bin. Lol. But I try to recycle everything that can be…. And reuse, well I’m the master of reuse and upcycle. My latest project is gathering enough soda bottle caps to make a project I saw on on pinterest. I’m collecting them in a spare extra water jug till I have enough. Amazingly enough because hubby thinks my collection container is cool, he drops them in for me without me having to check the recycle for them…. And I reused some pretty glass candle jars for my bathroom, for q tips, cotton balls, flossers, etc….they look really nice….I also like storing stuff in mason jars as I think it looks nice in the cabinets…. I reuse so many things and am always looking for a cool upcycle project on pinterest…. A big thing I reuse is boxes…..I order lots of stuff online so get lots of boxes. But I reuse boxes all the time and those that don’t or won’t get reused, recycle…. I could fill up your page on ways I reduce reuse or recycle….lol. Loving these pencils….and the cute little pouch! Thanks for the Chsnce to win

  17. I recycle bottles, cans and food boxes. To reuse I save almost all parcel boxes to use when I send parcels. Including the packing materials. I also save plastic food containers or food tins and either use in place of tupperware or decorate them for a different storage container.

  18. We’ve recycled for years however we still want to reduce our carbon footprint. This year, I’ve really tried to reuse and repurpose as much as we can — I like have the decreased waste also.

  19. I try to recycle as much as I can…and use Freecycle to give away things I can’t use to someone who can! We also try to reduce our electricity use, turning down the thermostat, turning off lights, etc.

  20. We no longer buy plastic water bottles, we use refillable ones. That may not sound like much, but with seven people in the house,that drink tons of water, I know this makes a little difference!

  21. We reuse lots of food containers to store art supplies or save them for the next family with a new baby needing a good meal. 🙂

  22. before throwing anything away i always look if i can recycle it or give it away to someone who could use it. I also never buy plastic water bottles but just fill my glass one.

  23. i reuse and recycle anything that I can. I’ve been known to collect recyclables from my co-workers when I see them about to throw something away 🙂

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