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Linen window treatments, that look that a class act, for 20 beans. I just can’t say no. Every time I go to IKEA, I get a pair, just fearing the day they discontinue the world’s cheapest, most perfect window treatment. Have you been formally introduced to Lenda. If not, it’s high time you meet this lady.

I have a lenda addiction for quite some time. It all started on the first house where we had 4 windows to spiff up. When I first started my search for a linen window panel, most of my options were around $100. A panel. For the (8) panels I needed, that was going to be $800. Ack. Not happening. Just not. So when I walked into the big box of a store called IKEA and see these lenda panels. I promptly grabbed four. Picture a crazy lady scanning the crowd and possessively sacking curtains into her cart. That was me. Here is a photo of how they looked in the last abode.

Lenda Curtains Following that trend, and knowing that I totally lurved them, I wasted no time popping them up in our bedroom in the new place. They soften the room ever so nicely and just give it that lived in homey look. Comfy. Plus, ya know, they block the neighbors from seeing you in your skivvies. Also a good thing.

Emmie Spets Sheets IKEA

In the living room, I was briefly considering going in a different direction, but for the life of me, I just couldn’t say no to these curtains. They are perfection, I swear. At least for $20 bucks. For $20 bucks, they are total perfection. 😉 Our living room was looking pretty barren since our move in day, so when we went on our ikea buying/eating extravaganza, we threw these right on into the cart.

And then we waited four weeks to install them. Lazy bums. Here is a shot of the living room sans curtains.

Neutral Living Room

We knew we wanted the rod to be mounted as high to the ceiling as possible, to give the illusion of additional height in the room. Since we had already hung these curtains in our bedroom, we measured to see the distance we used in that room, so that we could use it as a guide.

How to measure curtain height

Alas, when we went to pop the measuring tape up in the living room, we realized that our curved ceiling detail would actually prevent us from committing to the full 9″ that we did in the bedroom. We knew we didn’t want the curtain rod to be right up against the ceiling detail (that would look funky), so we just notched it down an inch and a half and settled for that location.

Correct height for curtains

We typically install the brackets that hold the curtain rod directly above the window molding, like the picture above. Doing this allows the curtains to typically cover the bracket, and it think it offers some symmetry to the window treatment since the brackets are both centered around the same object. Next step after we screwed in the brackets was to just pop up the rod, and get those curtains up! Easy peasy.

How to install curtains

And here is a shot after those lovely lenda curtains were put up in our abode. Man, am I a fan. Softens up the room and just makes me want to da-ance. Mission curtains, success.

IKEA Lenda Curtains


9 thoughts on “Lenda Love

  1. Just found some Lenda’s I had in my linen closet for years..gotta hang them in my dining room around the french doors. Did not know they were that multifaceted ha!

      1. Thanks Mary ~

        It looks like I`m going to have to go down the traditional route, as I live on a main road, and it’s just not worth it :/ I did love those lenda drapes. . sandy

  2. are going to review them and make sure we still like them. One exrseice we did was using this tool we wrote about a while back. Even back in April we were trying to figure out paint colors! We dragged in an inspiration photo

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