Lemon Grove Avenue

We decided to start a blog over here to start documenting life as we know it. We moved into our new abode in October of this year – and since we missed out on documenting our first house – we thought a blog would be a fun way to see all the changes at the new place.

HutchinsWe’ve been here 10-weeks or so, and we’ve already made some changes to the place. Like life, every day seems to bring along a new project around here. Some more welcome than others 😉

As far as blog name inspiration, one of our favorite artists has a beautiful song about home, called Lemon Grove Avenue. To me, where ever our home is, I hope it always feels like Lemon Grove Avenue to both of us.

If I have my way
I’m never gonna leave lemon grove avenue
Where the summer breeze
Blows through the windows in the afternoon

And all the stars come out at night
And there’s a boat out on the sea
And there’s a bird up in my tree
And there’s a feeling in my heart
I can’t explain, I’m coming home, I’m coming home, yeah

– Mason Jennings

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