Industrial Laundry Room Inspiration

So each house, it seems, we move up one peg on the laundry room scene. First house – gloomy basement, second – still in basement, slightly less gloomy, still damp, third house – we added our closet laundry, but it was a tight fit, this house – a closet that’s actually planned to have a laundry in it. Maybe by our last house, we’ll actually have a room. he he. #LifeGoals

Ta da!! Behind door #1 and #2, is our laundry room!

Laundry Room Closet

Here is our laundry room as is below, pretty much how it looks on a daily basis. Can you see why I’m looking for some laundry room inspiration to spruce this joint up a bit? I love the industrial laundry room vibe – kinda the farmhouse look that’s going on right now.

Renovating Small Laundry Room

So things that left room to be desired in the laundry room inspiration category. Let’s start with the paint. I mean, need I say more.

There are things I really like about the room – like the hanging bar across the top. Tres functional.

Renovating Laundry Room

And there are things I don’t like as much – like our dryer (pan right…). It’s old and it sounds like an army of burly men are hiking through our upstairs every time we dry our clothes. Not good for evening loads when the babe is sleeping (or for that matter when we’re trying to sleep…)

Washer and Dryer Replacement

Before, the room had some beigey tile on the ground – the same stuff that’s plastered all over our bathrooms up here. Very builder grade, and not so much my jam. And definitely doesn’t fit the industrial laundry room vibe I’m going for.

Laundry Room Before and After

Once we had everything removed from the space, we had a very open, very green, room – ready for some over hauling.

Laundry Room Closet Renovation

As a sneak peak of what we’ve been up to in this space (more on that next week), here is my general mood board for our industrial laundry room inspiration and how I’d like this room to look. I think we’re going to get there in a few different phases, but I’m very excited with the progress so far! I want some raw wood elements, coupled with metal for that industrial laundry room vibe.

Laundry Room Mood Board




5 thoughts on “Industrial Laundry Room Inspiration

  1. I really want to upgrade the counters in our laundry room to a butcher block like top but am having a hard time finding something affordable. Any ideas you can share would be great as it looks like you may be planning something similar.


  2. I just completed my laundry room in my house and purchased the LG all in washer/dryer unit as you have pictured above. I’ve been a long time follower of your site and wanted to drop a line since I saw the washer/dryer unit. Things to consider if you plan on purchasing this unit is that it will operate on a regular 110 outlet. So no need for a 220 outlet. It’s a ventless system, so you don’t have to worry about an exhaust vent. There is no lint trap. It all accumulates around the front port area. It’s an easy wipe down. If you get the pedestal, plan on losing the top of the unit as a folding table area. All in all, my wife and I are really happy with the unit and it’s a space saver. I see a lot of potential in your laundry closet if you go with the all in one.

  3. After re-reading your post, I wanted to add that I painted our laundry room area with Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter on the walls, Mink for the baseboards and Chantilly Lace for all other trim. The floor I used is called Highland Hickory. All the colors work together and my wife is happy with the final look. I still have to build out a few more things for that area, but that will come in the next few weeks. Just throwing out some ideas.

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