Laundry Looker

Oh, ya know that corner of your house that just kinda sits there and collects dust. And crap. And dirty underwear. That would be our laundry room. A cold, messy room full of long forgotten articles of clothing and 90% empty bottles of bleach. Yes, not anything to toot your horn about and thus, never highlighted on this little blog o’ mine.

Now I have a dream of having a legit-sauce laundry/mud room with warm wood floors and matching pretty little high efficiency front loading washer and dryer. How about them apples?

Laundry Room

Ohhh, how my heart longs for that day. I mean I might actually DO the laundry if I had a room like that. With a glass of Merlot in hand, me thinks, that room is just too classy to not be sipping on some wine. Alas … today is not that day.

Today looks more like this.

Laundry Room Messy

Like a dumping ground. A little of this, a little of that. Not the most functional room. Plus, it was cold and dreary. And had borders of flowers and random paint sampling’s up on the wall.

Oh, and stenciled watering cans. It had that, too.

Flower Border

See when we painted the basement bathroom a few months back, I thought I could sample the color up on the laundry room wall, since the rooms were right next to each other and I had extra paint on my roller – might as well, right? Thing is, with the poor lighting in this room it looked kinda purple. So I nixed the idea, but we’ve had some psychedelic walls happening in this joint ever since.

So, with the house going on the market, we started to brainstorm and think of ways that we could make the space a bit more spicy. And our budget … Nothing, nada, free, zero. More than anything we really just wanted to make sure the room wasn’t offensive, so we figured the best strategy was to work with what we got. First stop – board and batten, baaabbbyy.

If y’all haven’t figured out that I have a hard core penchant for board and batten accent walls, than ya just don’t know me my friends. Out came the table saw and some white paint. It was trimming time!

Board and Batten DIY

We had some leftover wood, so we figured, what the hey. Might as well pop that bad boy up and call it good. While we had the white paint out we also decided to tackled our lima bean green door. It’s at these moments when I ask myself why we didn’t paint this door earlier. Srrrioussly.

Updating Laundry Room

And ya know, after we had some neutral paint up in there and cleared all that clutter, things were looking better! But, well, still missing something, right? Clean, but not mean. We’re going for fierce over here.

Cleaning up the Laundry Room

So, we honed in on some final details. And given our freebie budget, we thought it would be a good idea to attempt to raid our household supplies versus reinvent that wheel. So, remember the plush flooring we added underfoot in our attic? Well given all the nooks and crannies we had in the space, we had lots and lots of scrap left over. And after thinking about it for a hot second, we thought, ya know, why not slap that stuff down in the laundry room? It’s free, and it certainly looks better than the cement we had rocking the joint before.

Carpet Remnant

And with some cutting and trimming, we had ourselves a nice cushy floor underfoot. Purrfect.

After moving all our shelving and storage out, the room was feeling mighty empty. Cushy, but empty. So in the spirit of getting things done we decided it was time to cheat. How you may ask? By staging this joint, aka by buying something, keeping those tags right on it, and returning it right after this little house of ours sold. I figure it can either look good sitting at the store waiting for someone to buy it, or it can look good sitting in the corner of my laundry room. I chose the later.

So we hopped on down to Homegoods and found this little beauty. Small enough to fit in our little nook, but large enough to fill out the space a bit more and simulate the look for storage in the laundry area for all the buyers we’d have trouncing through the house. Awwww snap. That’s down right perfect.

Homegoods for staging

But alas, once we got it in, we had another problem. Gazing up we noticed our water shut-off lines were rather unsightly. Just a big old hole on the side of the wall. Uggglllyyy.

Covering up water lines

So keeping with our I don’t wanna spend a dime theme, we started searching around the house to see how we could recycle something chillaxin in another location and re-purpose it in the laundry room. And lookie what I found. A big old poster of purty little butterflies. Previously smattered above our computer, now smattered above our water lines.

Large Butterfly Poster

Ahhh yessss. Me likey. That is one nice looking butterfly montage hanging out there. Added bonus, it adequately covers up those water supply lines, too. In our further searching, I started to get in my head that it might be kinda cute to pop our laundry basket up on the wall, for some more free art. Well nearly free. .99 art 😀

Best Thrift Stores

Dang. I’ve been using this laundry basket since my college days, so I consider a 7 year run for .99 cents pretty stinking good. And although it’s certainly no Monet, it looks better than the bare wall we we’re rocking prior.

Hanging Basket on Wall

Plus, any time we need to fold our freshly laundered clothing, we’ve got that basket just chillin’ like a villain up on the wall. The best of both worlds.

And although this room is still very, very rough, it’s staged enough that I think it meets our goal of being non-offensive. Oh, and all painted garden implements are now washed away from our wall. Sa-weeet!! And, our only cost. Ummm … nada, nothing. Leftover paint, leftover art, borrowed furniture. Now that my friends, is how to stage that house and get it sold. YES.

Budget Laundry Room



8 thoughts on “Laundry Looker

    1. Pretty much. We tried to lift them up and scoot the carpet under the washer and dryer as much as possible. To the eye, it looks like the carpet extends to the far back wall behind the washer and dryer. 🙂

  1. Looks so awesome Mary! We did the same thing to our laundry room before we listed our house. We moved out all of the junk to create an open space. Then, instead of putting down carpet I grabbed a can of black porch paint that we had laying around and rolled it on the cement floors then put down a colorful rag rug in front of the washer/dyer. We also grabbed a long picnic-esque table that was sitting in the garage, painted in white and stuck a lamp on top of the table. The staged room was transformed and our house sold in a week! Hopefully you will have the same result!

  2. I definitely understand the struggle of a not very appealing laundry area in the basement. Mine is a wreck and I’m at a loss for how to tweek it!

    1. I know! It feels better to have the area at least cleaned up, but this room is just prone toward becoming a dumping ground since there’s always laundry coming in and out. In all honesty, de-cluttering made the biggest difference (IMO), so maybe you could start there! 🙂

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