Killin’ it Cottage Style

Now, I know most of America likes to go with the mantra bigger is better but man – I’m a total sucker for a cozy little slice of the pie. The bigger my house is, the more my utilities are and the more I have to clean. You pickin’ up what I’m putting down? Our 1,200 square foot little home is just about right for me (to be fair, we’ve got a finished basement that puts the abode closer to 1,700).

So one day, while my eyeballs were browsing through pinterest I decided to play pretend and build a vacation cottage!! Care to take a walk into my (vivid) imagination and explore with me? Let me set the scene. We’ve gotta start with a killer lot, first. Let’s try on this view for size.

Rainy Blue Ridge

This view makes me a bit weepy. I mean, can you IMAGINE a nicer landscape with your morning cup of Jo. I sure can’t.

Since we are still hanging out in my imagination, let’s sweeten the pot and start our house hunting, ey? How about this house, would that do?

Southern Piedmont Retreat

If you’re nodding your head ferociously while making noises like Ed the hyena from the Lion King, then we are on the same page. ZOOMMEERRGGAAUUUDDDD. This is the point where I lean over to show Jay the house I just picked out for us and tell him that if I don’t own it in a year I’ll absolutely die out of desperation and then wait for a reaction. Since the poor man has heard this probably a million and a half times now, I might get a slight grin out of him before I’m back on the hunt for the next dream team abode. But seriouslllyy, does this cutie stop you in your tracks, or does it stop you in your tracks?

Here is a shot of the inside layout. Small, planned and perfect.

Russell Versaci southern piedmont While if that didn’t screech you to a halt, than this will. But wait, there’s more. 9 more cute as a button cottages!!

Pennywise Cottage Collection

And get this. They are all prefab. Like mobile home style. I know – whhhaattt?? That is one classy lookin’ spicy meatball of a double wide if you ask me.

Another cottage style I really liked was this cape cod. The first one sways me a bit more since it’s a two bedroom vs. a one bedroom, but I love the architectural detail on this guy, too.

Tidewater Cottage Pennywise

I think either house option fits nicely with my selected scenery, eh?? 😉

If you’re thinking a bit bigger, Russell Versaci (the architect) has some absolutely drop dead gorgeous larger homes as well. These homes look nothing like most newer builds you see today. These houses are just bursting from the seems with character.

Here is a farm house design he has. Umm – does that look 21st century to you? I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a clear and crisp picture of Benny Franklin himself down and around the fireplace smoking a pipe and eating some stew. Ahhh sigh. Americana at it’s best if you as me.

Russell Versaci Homes

Love these houses as much as I do? Here is the website to check out some more of their sweet digs. Dream on ladies and gents.

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