Kill Dem Weeds

Brick laid paths are lovely – very lovely – but very needy and very weedy. Along with weeds muddled through our backyard, we had some serious action going on with our garden path and patio. Weekly, I would be out there on my hands and knees, pulling these god forsaken things, and every week, they kept coming back. Mocking me. Taunting me with their green happy little faces. I’mmm back. Thought ya got me. Nope!

How to Remove Weeds From Brick

Well, my nimble fingers started to get weary, so I was all ready to pull out the big guns and buy a big ol’ can of weed killer. But then, my Auntie’s started chatting with us about an au’ natural weed killer that peaked my interest. First bonus, it’s waaaayyy cheaper than round up. That stuff is pricey! Plus, I always felt a tug of environmental guilt every time I sprayed that stuff all over my lawn. Like I was killing a fish far away in the big blue sea. Extra bonus, this stuff is as easy to make as pie is to eat. Like butta.

If you’ve got dish soap, vinegar, and salt – your golden.

How to Kill Weeds

To get this mix a lixin’ together, just combine one gallon white vinegar with one cup of salt and a few squirts of dish detergent. Yep. Easy peasy. That’s it!

Now, after reading up we found out that it is preferred to spray this stuff on in the full sun, it bakes onto the weed and slowly roasts it, apparently. Since I was so eager to try this little witches brew, I went ahead and gave it a good dousing around 8pm, on a semi cloudy day, with an hour and a half of sunlight left. Didn’t think I’d get much out of it. After a day or so, things were looking like this.

How to Kill Weeds Naturally

I did a happy dance to the tune of … Ding dong the weeds are dead. The weeds are dead, the weeds are dead! Here is a close up of one unfortunate soul. Yep, he’s a gonner. Nice knowing ya, Mr. Dandelion.

How to Kill Weeds

Before, the driveway was looking like this. Lots o’ green. Like an irishman’s dream.

How to Kill Weeds Naturally

A close up shot of all that green for your viewing pleasure.

How to kill weeds naturally

I took the picture below about a week after we sprayed, so some pesky weeds were already starting to pop back up but you can see that the driveway weed be gone mission was also a success.

A few things to note – We sprayed pretty lightly and haphazardly the first time around, since we had no idea if the stuff would even work, so I think that is partially to blame for our little spurts of green next to the dead stuff. Next time around, we’ll be aiming that spray bottle like a carefully aimed weapon of destruction. Mah haa haa.

How to kill weeds naturally

If I was keeping score, I would say this one is Humans 1, Weeds 0. And, believe me, I’m keeping score.

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12 thoughts on “Kill Dem Weeds

  1. What a great idea . It is a great pity I had not read your article sometime back as I purchased a very expensive container of Round – up and subsequently read the pitfalls of such a product. The latter I only used recently once again and now will have to buy your ingredients to make this new solution.

  2. i did this on my yard last year and my yard is coming thru green this year already, but i no the weeds will peak thru and im ready. ill be getting an early start on killing em this year

  3. I can’t wait to try this. Unfortunately, it is our rainy season (I live in Washington) and we have a lot of rain. So I will have to wait for the rain to quit and the sun to come out. Thank you

  4. Have you tried this around trees? I have one tree in particular that has weeds growing around it. It is a young tree and would hate to damage it.

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