Jamming in June: Monthly Roundup

Oh, June. How I love thee. Sunshine and happiness abound. Flowers blooming, warm temps. Sigh. Summer at it’s best. Since we are maniacs around here, we decided to completely move all our furniture out of the house and redo our floors, in the balmy breezes of summer. Err, more like the stagnate humid heat of summer. Either way – it got done! Here is a snap shot of what we were crack a lackin’ on this month.

Wall Removal

To get things off right in this joint, we decided to remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Now, instead of (2) super cramped spaces, we have a nice, open, and airy main living space. It’s still a pretty cozy layout, but it’s leaps and bounds better than what we had going on before.

How to mud drywall

Wood Patching

While we were at it, we had to come back through and patch up the flooring that was removed when the wall came up. 20 sq feet of red oak later, we had a more cohesive looking room that was ready to be stained and polyed with the rest of the house.

How to replace wood floor

French Door

Keeping with our theme of wide open spaces, we hired a contractor to install a french door for us, that leads out onto our screened in porch (perhaps future sunroom, someday). Now instead of (1) 30″ door opening, we’ve got a double set of doors and a total wall opening of 60″. Dang a langa. That’s a big difference. I love walking through the hall now into the dining room and seeing all the light pouring in each morning. These doors had me at hello.

French Door Off Dining Room

Wood Floor Refinishing

The project that took the most work this month was without a doubt the refinishing of our hardwood floors. We had to remove all our worldly possessions in into our finished basement while we sanded, stained and polyurethaned the floor. Overall, the entire process took over a week, since we had to fit in each step at the end of a work day. Oye. It was a doozy. Now that everything is said and done, I love how classy the new dark walnut floors look. I’m noticing that they are definitely higher maintenance than the more natural color we had before (dark floors show every piece of orange tabby fur, and dust), but they look so darn good.

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Dark Walnut Floors

Refinishing Trim

Although the floors looked lovely after all the stain and poly were down, everything else, not so much. The trim needed to be repainted, and cleaned. My motto with this project began to be one step forward and two steps back 😉 It didn’t take too long to get everything back into tip top shape! We used mineral spirits to wipe up any access stain on the trim and them we primed all the stain, and repainted it in Benjamin Moore Simply White.

How to Remove Stain From Trim

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