It’s Like Thunder, Lightning

The way I love my new sconces is frightening. It might have something to do with the fact that they were only 40 beans a piece. And I had budgeted $100 bucks a piece. Zin-Zin-Zinga!! So when I was shopping at Lowes the other day, and saw these little beauties, and had to pull out the plastic and just commit already.

Portfolio Nickel Sconce
Portfolio Nickel Sconce

I had a few other options that I was considering prior, but my top choice was coming in at over $100 each, and in all honesty, I just couldn’t stomach the extra dollar bills. So I kept hemming and hawwing. And we kept using a flash light to use the lou. So when I saw these little guys, I jumped! 🙂

Brushed Nickel Sconces
Brushed Sconces

And I gotta tell ya, I’m loving them. Adds a little bit of a stately touch to the room I think 😉 Still need the mirror obviously, but this room is well on it’s way now that we can actually see what we are doing. That is always a bonus.

Bathroom Sconce
Bathroom Sconce Closeup

Here is another view of the sconces. The one on the left sits a little closer to the built-in than the last one did, but overall, I’m totally digging the look. Initially, I was looking for a fabric shade, and although I do love the softer look of the fabric shade, I love the price of these and ya can’t win them all in life. 🙂

Bathroom Sconce
Bathroom Sconce | Before

For reference, here is a good old retro shot of what the bathroom was looking like pre-new-sconce days. Black candlestick shades, be gone!

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