It’s Getting Hot in Here

Notice we have a heat theme this week? Between the insulation, and this new guy, I feel like HVAC is the name of the game. I must be craving warmer temps. 🙂 I would like to introduce you to our new furnace, let’s just call him Ed. Lennox, Ed Lennox. That was supposed to read like, Bond, James Bond, FYI. As discussed here, we decided to go with the EL195E. Pros, it’s energy star (95% efficient), it’s way cheaper than the other one we were looking at, and it’s a 27 year improvement from the last one we had.

Furnace Before, Old Furnace
Old Furnace

Let’s all waive goodbye to this old Cadillac of furnace. It’s older than me, and now it’s off to the furnace graveyard/scrap yard. Shed a tear. The installers told us that these all get scraped, decent amount of metal there so I wouldn’t be surprised if the furnace installers actually get some dough back for bringing these guys in.

1980's Furnace
Old Furnace Leaving

About halfway through the install, things were looking like this.

New Furnace Installation, Lennox EL195E
Furnace Installation

And now, after the complete install, things are looking like this! Not super exciting. he he. The new unit is definitely much smaller than the old one, so it’s nice to have some extra storage room down here in the basement.

Lennox EL195E
Lennox EL195E

Overall, here is the cost breakdown on how much this new guy cost us.

  • Cost of the Lennox EL196E: $2,405
  • Instant Rebate: $500 (cost down to $1,905)
  • Mail-in Rebate from DTE: $500 (cost down to $1,405)
  • Total: $1,405

Of course we had to do a little ROI calculation to see how much bang for the buck we were getting with this beast, and I gotta tell you, it’s not too shabby. Since we have not been in the house a year yet, it is difficult to know exactly what our annual heating cost will be, but assuming it was $1,000 annually (which for our old furnace is very conservative), we would be saving $250 a year in heating costs. Here is some information on the average annual heating cost nationally, with an 80% furnace coming in at about $1,078. Our furnace was more like 60% efficient. Yonkers, that’s bonkers. No seriously, admit it, that is crazy.

If we did save $250 per year (and based on the efficiency of our old furnace we will probably save more), I think this furnace is a pretty sound investment at about a 5.5 year ROI ($1,405/$250 savings annually). Since the last one lasted 27 years, I’ll take an under 6-year payoff.

After the one-year mark, we will be sure to offer you a cost comparison to see how those savings actually landed stacking up. It’s still a little too early to tell how much our bills will be impacted by this new furnace but we’ve got our fingers crossed that it meets our expectations! Old man winter seems to be sticking around a bit longer this year anyway, so I guess we will have some opportunities to test this guy out a bit before spring. Life in the mitten. How it goes. 🙂


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