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I’m on a marble kick, what can I say. And when it’s $3.99 per square foot (thanks for the heads up Bryn!), say no more. Done and done. Here is a progress shot of our basement bathroom. Looking mighty fine.

Marble 12x12 Tile
Marble Bathroom

We had a few things to consider when plopping down this round of tiles, notably, what pattern did we want to do, and how did we want to deal with the threshold at the front of the door. Before, the tile hung over the threshold just a wee bit, and it actually caused the tiled to pop right up since every time someone walked over them they would be leveraged upward. Made for some easy demo on the first row of tiles, you could literally just pick them up with your hands they had gotten so loose over time. Not good, amigo. Not good.

Marble Threshold
Marble Threshold

Since they sell marble thresholds/window sills (typically used for windows in bathrooms), we decided to just snag one of those and use it as the threshold at the front of the room, thinking it would tie everything together and look at bit more seamless than putting down a wood threshold. Although the grain on this piece is a little different than the rest of the tiles, overall, I think it looks pretty good! We made sure to put the threshold right on the edge of the room this time, to avoid the popping tile issue we had last time around. Notice in the picture above that there is about a 1 inch incline between the rest of the basement and the bathroom.

How to install a threshold
Door Threshold

The front of the threshold will get some love when we add the trim in. Right now, it’s just some plywood and it’s looking a little rough around the edges. Hopefully that piece of trim will tie things together a bit more and make it look polished and purty.

Speaking of polished and purty – we had a little mishap with the tile around the toilet/plumbing opening. Jay got a little extra zealous with his tile cutting and trimmed too much off of this guy, below. Although we might be able to get around it with some caulk and clever positioned of the toilet – I’m not going to lie – I’m a wee bit concerned about how it’s going to turn out.

Tile Around Toilet
Tile Installation

A battle ensued – Jay: I DON’T want to cut another fareaking tile. That was really hard. I refuse to do that again. Arms crossed. Me: Ummmm….. but there is a giant hole where there should not be one. In the tile. Right there. Can’t you see it.

Jay won. I am getting weak in my old age. We are just going to caulk the heck out of it and hope it doesn’t show after the toilet is positioned. Stay tuned.

How to lay tile down
Laying Tile Down

It’s a pretty small bathroom, and the tiles were 12×12, so luckily it moved quickly and we got the whole room tiled in 2-nights. Since we already had the mortar and grout out and handy from our upstairs reno – this one seemed to move along quite swimmingly. Other than said mishap regarding au toilet.

How to install marble tiles
Marble Tiles

Before we grout, we’ll have to go back through and get the extra mortar out from between the tiles. Learned the hard way that this stuff has really got to be completely cleaned out, otherwise you have gray mortar creeping through after your grout. It’s not the best look. 🙂

So still to do on this bathroom:

  • Paint cabinet and walls
  • Re-install toilet
  • Grout and seal tile
  • Add new light fixture
  • Add trim and quarter round
  • Install artwork

Tile feels like the hardest part of all that to me though, so I’m glad we’ve got it behind us!

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