How Much is That Orange Tabby In the Window

Along with the rest of our house, the windows took a dust beating when we sanded and refinished the floors. That, along with taking a wall down lead to a house that seemed to be covered in an inch of dust for months at a time. I am so glad that we are done with that phase of the reno. Can I get an amen. AMEN. That was Jay. and Malcolm. We are all glad the house is feeling more livable these days. But it seems like every time I’ve knocked something off the list, I turn around, and there is another dirty ledge, or window, or piece of trim mocking me. Well we’ve officially put that to an end – at least with the windows.

How to Clean Windows

Here is how our windows were looking before we gave them a good old fashioned scrubbing. You can’t tell as much from this vantage point, but these guys were disgusting.

Dirty Window Screen

Malcolm would practically protest in disgust every time he hopped in the window. Hello over there, humans … I can’t see my victims … clean these windows so I have a suitable location to hunt my prey.

Here is a picture from the inside, you can see all the dust and grime a bit better from this angle. Hangs head in shame.

How to Clean Windows

Before we sold the last house, Jay convinced me that he could clean all the windows to spruce up the property before we listed it, if only I would buy him a small arsenal of window washing goods. For $20, I said, sounds good to me! Now that he has all his toys, I had a little more leverage this time to convince him to tackle the deed. 🙂

One of the main issues this time around, due to our construction phase, was the screens. Dusty, gross, screens. After some discussion, we decided to just go outside and give them a good old hosing down. I think Jay liked this part. 😉 After a solid wash on the outside, we came back through on the inside and wiped the excess water up with a cloth. Here is an action shot.

How to Clean Screens on Windows

Worked like a charm. We just came back through with a cloth to wipe down the excess water and debris, and they dust was gonzo. For someone that has been living with filthy, dusty windows and screens for over a month, this was a big moment. 😉 Malcolm clapped his paws in appreciation.

How to Clean Window Screen

As Jay started to make his rounds on the exterior of the house, it was pretty clear that this was a long over due chore on our part. All of a sudden, I could see things I never knew existed in our neighborhood. Things like, the color of the house next door, or the car your neighbor drives suddenly come into focus. In complete sincerity, it was like a whole new world was opened up to us. Our block is dog walking central, so we’ve been able to spot our favorite pooches a block away now that we’ve been reunited with the outside world.

How to Clean Windows

Unfortunately, when it comes to the mechanics of these windows, this house is kind of a pain in the rear. They look newer (vinyl) but they are actually aluminum. And they slide like the opposite of butter. Like thick, sticky molasses with a hard core creeeaaakk thrown in at the end as you yank them up. If there is one thing I solidly miss about our last house, it would be updated and easy to operate windows. I could lift those babies up with a pinkie finger. Even though they take some extra muscle, they still tilt in, so we were able to scrabba dub dub the inside portion right from the comfort of our own home.

How to Clean WIndows

While Jay was working on the glass portion, I came through to clean off the window sills and the surrounding trim. They were also dirty. Like whoa. Like, I’m not sure if they’d ever been cleaned prior. Other than all the grim and dirt that was stuck in the window sill from years of neglect, there was a solid coat of dust from the sander coming through as well. Made a mental note that some of the weather proofing will need to be replaced with a better seal come winter.

How to Clean Window Frame

After we both came through with our respective cleaning duties, our windows were looking like a million bucks. The hubby even nonchalantly mentioned that cleaning windows is his favorite cleaning task. Noted, dear! See that reflection shining back. These babies were clean.

How to Clean Windows

And a close up. Wham bam alcazam. That just happened.

Cleaning Windows



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