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  1. re: diapers
    When I had my first children, cloth was all that was available. I emptied them down the toilet & used a special brush to get them clean before soaking then washing. Yes, it was a mission but to see them on the clothesline (yes we had them too & still do) on a breezy day was a source of great pride. 3 dozen is the minimum to start with, 4 is better 5 is good. When disposables came along I used them only for travel & going out. Best of luck with your adventure.

  2. Love your ideas! We are struggling with paint colors at this time. Yellow is my happy color but we want to update our home. What colors do you suggest for dining and kitchen? We have samples of revere pewter for some rooms. We are painting living, dining, kitchen , halls and entrance. The current colors were fron twelve years ago and in the Wheat Straw and Deep Pongee colors that are so so happy but so outdated. We asked the painters to reschedule because of my questioning of colors. Will you assist. As in sos help? Warm regards, debby

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