House Hunting with Mary | Week 4

House Hunting with Mary

How about it, America? Let’s do some Philadelphia style house hunting. The city of brotherly love, the cheese steak capital, it’s got it all. Including rows of town homes dating back to Benny Franklin’s day. Like this stunner.

Philadelphia Row House

Dang, right? It’s got TWO, count em’, living rooms. Loving the black fireplace – very different than I’d normally go for, but after seeing this look on Little Green Notebook, I’m pretty sold! Classy, right? Not going to lie, that wallpaper could use some updating 😉

Black Fireplace

Now, hands down, I think that my favorite room in this house is the staircase. Are staircases rooms? Probably not, but I stand by my original assessment.

I mean, check out this slice of Americana. Add some red stripes on the wall and you’ve got yourself one patriotic hallway. The blue and the stars … a bit different but in the best way possible.

Double Staircase

This kitchen has all the right touches. Kinda reminds me of a yacht. Anyone else getting a nautical vibe? I love how the kitchen opens up in the back to a set of french doors. Perfection.

Nautical Kitchen

I probably wouldn’t be able to resist painting these cabinets a crisp white or light gray (maybe?), but otherwise, I love the idea of a nice cozy library to snuggle up with a book.

Small Library

I’m thinking the architects of yesteryear had the right idea when they popped a fireplace in every single room. Yes, I know, minor details like keeping your keister from freezing off probably necessitated these fine beauties, but I also think they add a level of charm that is really hard to find in our modern mansions.

Bedroom with FIreplace

This bedroom reminds me of a place we stayed when we were in Germany. It was called Zur Noll and it was a bed and breakfast that was built in the 1500’s, if you’re ever in Jena, I’m telling you, best breakfast in town.

Bedroom with Dormer Window

In addition to having SIX bedrooms, this row house also has 4 bathrooms. Whaaaa?? That’s crazy sauce. Here is one of the full baths, decked out to the nines.

Clear Bathroom Sinks

And my favorite place to top off any house tour, is with a backyard that makes grown men weep. Small, intimate, with purple flowers growing on a vine. Pour some bubbly and pass the cheese and grapes, what more can you ask for.

Back Patio Garden

2 thoughts on “House Hunting with Mary | Week 4

  1. Is this to torment me!? House hunting in Philly is brutal. I don’t even want to know the cost.

    Having said that, I don’t really need six bedrooms OR four bathrooms lol. Just give me that yard!

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