House Hunting with Mary: Week #3

House Hunting with Mary

Oh the places we could go. This week, I found my mind a wandering to the D.C. region. So many lovely penthouses, so little time. If you’ve got a cool $800k, I say go big or go home and get this beautiful little baby. OMEERREGGUUAAADDD.

DC Penthouse

I’m just dying inside. Are there any other urban neighborhood penthouse lovas out there that are ogling to look inside this baby like me? Just because it my favorite room, I’m going to start out strong by showing you this amaz-balls kitchen.

White Kitchen Subway Tile

Right off the kitchen, there’s a super cute living room/dining room open concept space. Here is the main living space – complete with a projector. High rollas.

Loft Living Room

And here is a classy wet bar area off to the side of the dining room. Prime time for some entertaining, ey?

Check out that sick staircase winding around the back. I think a sisal runner would complete the look, no?

Wet Bar off Kitchen

Here is a snapshot of the Master Suite. Cozy, but pretty perfect if you ask me.

Loft Bedroom

Even more perfect is that en suite, complete with some class act marble tiles. Totally in love with the dark vanity along side the natural stone and nickel details. So beautiful.

Marble Tiles in Bathroom

On the second floor, there is another living space that is very open and airy. That study area is a great use of the nook to the right of the space, too.

Open Landing Loft

Now, I’m pretty sure this house has been knocking your stockings right off so far, but there’s a pretty awesome surprise up on the top.

Penthouse City View with Deck

And another view. Le sigh.

Penthouse Deck in DC

Pretty swanky place, huh? Anyone want to go halvsies with me and we can split our time there 50/50? 😀


2 thoughts on “House Hunting with Mary: Week #3

  1. DYYYYYING. I have a row house fetish so you are talking to the right lady. 50/50 sounds fair 😉

    Now, find one in Philly for about, oh, 1/4 the price lol!

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