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Y’all thought I’d buy a house and you wouldn’t see any more house hunting posts? Funny. This girl is always looking at Zillow and Trulia, pretty sure I have a condition. Every once and a while, I come across a home that is so stunning, I just have to share it with all of you. That is, after I wipe the drool coming off my face and gain enough composure to put a post together. 😉

If this house was my house, then I’m pretty sure I would have died and gone to heaven people. It’s stunning from head to toe and I think I kinda sorta need it.


Shut up. Right? This house is a 1922 charmer, that’s nestled right in one of neighboring Raleigh’s best neighborhoods. It also cost $2 mill, so unless y’all got a mama or daddy warbucks in your life, I think we’ll all have to be content with this virtual tour (sad, I know).

When the first thing you see before you enter the house is this HUGE front porch, with charming details (the shutters!, the rocking chairs!, the ceiling!) you know the rest of the house is going to be good, people.

Large Front Porch

I think our bedroom is the size of this foyer. It’s huge! I love how they made it feel a bit more cozy with the addition of the rug and the side furnishings.


My favorite spot in this house is by far the kitchen. It’s got an awesome eat-in, in addition to a formal dining space. I love how they made that structural support a focal point in the kitchen, along with adding that cooler to the right of the brick column. Perfect use of space.


This house has ginormous ceilings! Their especially evident in this drop dead gorgeous kitchen. The planked ceilings in this room are totally my jam people.


Here’s another shot of the kitchen. Twice as nice 🙂

I love seeing the white cabinets with the dark red oak floors, since it helps me to visualize our kitchen, and how it will look once it’s all finished. (can’t wait for that day!)


In addition to some formal spaces downstairs, the house has a beautiful family room along the back. Doesn’t it just look like the perfect place to snuggle up with a bowl of popcorn, and orange tabby and a movie?

Those windows, y’all. Ommmeerrrgaauuuddd.


Although I’m loving having my own home office, I think I can safely say, that I love this home office more!


Let’s end our little tour with another shot of that amaze-balls front porch, shall we?


Tell me, what’s your favorite room? Oh, and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY, America! 🙂

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