Home is Where the Heart Is

I think we knew that we’d miss home – miss Michigan – miss our family. I think we also expected North Carolina to feel more like home, sooner. Day by day, it does feel more like home, but I swear to God, something about going home in the thick of the fall season just makes your heart hurt something awful. Or maybe I’m just a hormonal pregnant women. That’s also a possibility.

Well the trip, as expected, was pretty perfect. Mom cooked for me, I got to see extended family, and we fit in lots of fall staples.

Notice the huddled over people wearing their down parkas? It was a high of 45 and windy on Saturday. Ha!

Eastern Market Detroit

But that didn’t stop people from swinging out to buy some fall essentials. 🙂 The market was bustling on the day we stopped by, chock full of people buying all sorts of local goodies.

Eastern Market Pumpkins

Had to snap a few pictures. I’m a total sucker for market photos. Fresh food is just so darn beautiful, in my opinion 🙂

Fresh Eggs Eastern Market

Another market stunner could be found at the flower stand. Swoon.

Fresh Flowers Michigan

And more …

Fresh Flowers Eastern Market

They have a fresh flower CSA here in Durham. Wouldn’t that be crazy awesome to get fresh flowers weekly? Now that’s something I could get used to. 😉

Michigan Made Products

Until next time, Michigan. I’ll be missing you.

Howell Michigan

One thought on “Home is Where the Heart Is

  1. I live in NC and have for 30 years. Our family moved here when my youngest child was 2 yrs. we moved from a beautiful place in California. To this day my heart hurts for my hometown but we have loved living in NC and raising our children here. We now know we are home here,our children are grown and we have grandchildren here so I know we will never leave NC and I am very happy. The foothills are just gorgeous this time of year and I’m delighted to live in Western NC. Carol

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