Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

Remember when I said Henry’s nursery had some feminine touches. Well ladies and gentleman, we just got done painting his room Ballet White. Snicker.

Nope – not kidding! Truth be told, this white has no pink undertones and is actually the perfect (IMO) grayish white color and I LOVE how it turned out. Even if I was popping out a girl, I can tell you one thing, pink would not be making a debut in her nursery, either. Not my thang. πŸ˜‰

After lots of hemming and hawing, I decided that light and bright was best for this room. Our house is very shaded by trees; a-mazing for utility bills, but the house can feel dark at times and I wanted to let the sunshine in for this space.

Benjamin Moore Ballet White

Isn’t it so sweet and soft! I’ve been thinking hard about how I want this room to flow, and I’ve come up with this general layout that I think will work nicely.

It’s not a huge room, but I think it’s going work perfectly for as many littles as we want to stuff in there.

Nursery Layout

I more or less, wanted to leave the main area in the room totally open so that we can play with toys on the ground as Henry gets bigger, and do tummy time on it, when he’s small. Since we live in a 1,600 square foot house, all our rooms have to function double time. This will be a playroom/bedroom as he grows.

For now, I’m thinking about tucking the dresser/changing table combo into the dormer. As Henry gets bigger, I might open this up for a little nook for him to play in, but for now, it’s just the right dimension for a dresser.

Nursery Ballet White

To the left of the dormer, I’m planning on putting the crib. It actually just fits in the space, so I’m taking that as a sign that it’s meant to be πŸ˜‰

Ballet White Nursery

For the largest expanse of wall in the room, we’re going to put a rocker and side table for storing baby gear. I think we’ve finally narrowed down our hunt to a chair that Jay finds sufficiently comfy and I find sufficiently chic – more on that soon!

After Henry is past his nursing days, we can definitely use this corner of the room for reading time before bed and general chillin.

Ballet White in Nursery

Speaking of reading – I mocked up a little idea on photoshop to show how I’m hoping to convert one of our last free chunksΒ of wall space. πŸ™‚ Pinterest for the win (so many fun nursery ideas on there!

Book Wall In Nursery

Less than 21-weeks to go before there’s a babe to go with the room. The best accessory of all, no? πŸ˜€

8 thoughts on “Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

  1. Nursery planning is wonderful. Today was not an easy day but thinking of a new little life made me smile.

    P.s. nothing snicker worthy about ballet white in a boys room. I am a proud mama of a little boy ballet dancer.

  2. Hi Mary,

    Quick (hopefully) question for you…

    As I’ve started reading more and more blogs, I found that I needed a way to organize them rather than heading to each one every day to see if there was an update … so …. enter my use of feedly.

    Since blog content is free, I want to make sure that you get proper credit for that read. So – do you?

    Or should I click on the link in feedly and go directly to your blog?

    While I find feedly super convenient, I also want to respect the time that the bloggers that I like put in to their content, so let me know how I can best do that.

    Sorry if this is annoying to have to answer. I tried to do an internet search and didn’t totally get my question answered. I trust you, so I figured I’d go to the source!

    Thank you!

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