Our bathroom hardware has been giving us the run-a-round. Actually, it’s probably my fault for not correctly reading specs on all the items we had in cue to purchase for the b-room, but I am going to blame it on the hardware. 😉 First, let me formally introduce you to our new bathroom faucet. If you read the blog, you’ve probably seen peaks of it here and here, but I think it’s high time for an official, let’s get to know each other.

Kingston Brass Cross Handle Tub Faucet
Kingston Brass Faucet

Isn’t it luverly? This picture was taken before we caulked this beast, so it’s looking a little rough around the edges, but in all honesty, I’m so star struck by the gorgeous faucet that I kinda forget everything else and just stare at the main attraction. Here is a view from the side, as well. Squee!!

Cross Handle Tub Faucet
Cross Handle Tub Faucet

Have I ever mentioned that plumbing is my dear husband’s nemesis? So much so, that it’s become MY nemesis, and anything that can be done to avoid jerry-rigging with the pipes is a priority in my book. So…. to avoid re-doing the plumbing, we had to find a faucet that had a hot and cold lever on each side, vs. the shared control device in the middle. This is actually harder than it sounds, especially if you are looking for something that looks classy, and not the 1980’s gold we had chilling in the bathroom before. Here is a picture, in case you needed some help conjuring up the memory. Cringe.

Bathroom Before
Downstairs Bath | Before

The only thing I’m not bonkers about on this set is the shower head. It’s just kinda plain. Better than super ornate, I guess. It looks neutral enough though, so I’m a-ok with it. The total cost for the new shower set was under $100 (we got ours on overstock), so I was pretty happy with the cost of this upgrade, especially for the quality we got! We opted to go with the Kingston Brass collection and this stuff is really high quality – it looks and feels fantastic and the craftsmenship shows hardcore.

Kingston Brass Shower
Shower Head

Being that I was so impressed with the quality, look and feel of the shower combo, I decided that I would love to find the same brand for the sink as well. That thought was all good in theory, but when the faucet arrived, it was pretty obvious that it just wasn’t going to work. Whomp, whomp. Cue the sad face. It just looked hilariously small on the sink, which was a bit larger than our previous sink, so I think I just had the measurements all crossed in my head. Bummer dude.

Kingston Brass Mini Widespread Faucet
Kingston Brass | Mini Widespread Faucet

It is a really beautiful faucet though, so I would love to try and use it either on the basement sink set-up, or perhaps for a sink in the upstairs (after we convert that space to our Master Suite). For reference, we also purchased this faucet from overstock. Back to the box it went. Boo hoo. Here is the sink, still looking mighty bare with no faucet, and mighty not functional.

Porcher Sink
Porcher Sink

Right now, I’m leaning toward this guy as a replacement. It’s an inch longer in total spout length, so I think it will be just the right dimension to not make the sink too overpowering in the room. It’s the same manufacturer, so I think it’ll tie in nicely with the tub set. I still haven’t ordered it, as I’m waiting for a coupon, etc to pop up to bring down the price a bit.

Kingston Brass Faucet
Kingston Brass Faucet


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