Greige – The New Black

Literally, he he. Black is chic and all, but it just wasn’t working for me in the downstairs bath. It was high time for some updating! Plus, I’ve got a weak spot for painting things – anything – so the cabinet was my latest victim. Waa haa haa. To refresh your noggin, we started out with this. It is hard to get a good angle is this room, so sorry about the cramped shot! 🙂

Benjamin Moore Simply Black
Cabinet | Before

Notice the green trim and doors. Lovely. After testing out lots of paint samples from Benjamin Moore, I decided on Benjamin Moore Northern Cliffs and carted my booty out to Lowe’s to get a gallon of the stuff color matched (since our cc gives us 5% back this quarter at Lowes – woot!!) When the dude at Lowe’s was mixing the paint, I swear it didn’t look quite right. I know he thought I was crazy sauce, but what can I say – I’m persnickety when it comes to my colors. Sure enough – got home and slapped some paint up on the wall and it was NOT the same color. Paint sample A above, what I got from the Lowe’s man, below. Way more silvery gray, no?

Not going to lie, I found this pretty annoying, since the whole reason I carted myself out there in the first place was to buy the sample, to make sure I liked it. Oye. In the end, being the (not) patient person I am, I opted to give it a try, and decided they could always retint it if I absolutely hated the color. Can’t win em’ all, right?

Northern Cliffs Benjamin Moore
Northern Cliffs Color Match

Grabbed a gift box from the storage room and got to moving and shaking on this thing. As it was going on the door, I was liking it more and more. Looks to have a bit more brown in it on the cabinet, to me. Which was ultimately the look I was going for.

How to paint cabinet door
Painting Cabinet

The other thing I found tricky about this room was how different the colors looked on the wall, vs. on the cabinet. Here you can see the same paint color, and how different it looks between the two surfaces. It reads a lot cooler on the wall to me. Crazy town. Same color people – same color!!

Paint Color BM
Northern Cliffs

Since the hubby was out of the town, I had to resort to creative solutions to get this installed. Probably took me 30 minutes just to get the darn thing at the right height, he he. When I finally found the right combination of magazines and got the height just right I practically did a happy dance. Then I started signing the Bob the Builder theme song. Something about using power tools always makes me start galavanting around the house and singing that tune. 😉

How to install cabinet door
Magazine Propping

And after the hardware was installed, this little baby was looking mighty fine! Normally I’m not a crazy huge fan of the polished nickel, but I’m digging how it looks on the cabinet. Ties in nicely with the marble floor tiles, too.

Greige Bathroom
Greige Bathroom Vanity

I’m pretty pumped to show you how the whole room is turning out! I’ve already got my eye on some sweet etsy art to tie the room together. One thing I am noticing though, now that the vanity has been painted, is that the vanity top looks kinda pink. The cultured marble may have to go in favor of something a bit more neutral and less 90’s (hard to tell in these pictures…). But that is another day, and another dollar my friend.

Northern Cliffs perfect greige
Greige Bathroom Vanity


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