Green Machine

First, can I say that I formally send my sympathy to anyone that’s currently building a house, and trying to figure out every last detail? I mean, it’s tons of fun, but it can also cause some legit analysis paralysis. I’ve been having the hardest time finding colors for this house, so I did something kinda crazy. I just snagged a color I liked from the deck at Lowes, pointed to it on the slip and had it mixed up right there on the spot. No color tester. No image google searching. Just grabbed it, and you know what? It’s one of my favorite colors to date. I love it.

Valspar Lyndhurst Celadon Green

Or maybe I’m just glad that the room no longer looks like this. 😉 A shot of the crazyness while the paint was drying …


Now, to be fair (for all you color connoisseurs out there) I did try to test paint swabs first. I had like six different colors up on the wall at one point in the guest room, and not a single one was catching my fancy. This is a sample of the colors that I tested in all the rooms pre-paint job.

Sampling Best Greige Paint Colors

One trend I’m noticing about my color selections at Lowe’s is that I’m having some crazy good luck with the National Trust series, which are colors that are authentic to earlier periods. I’m pretty traditional in my home taste (with some modern thrown in, but overall pretty classic in my taste), so it makes sense that I’d be drawn to the colors that are a bit more tried and true to the period of our home.

I used a color from the National Trust series for the office, and I love how that room turned out too!

Valspar Montpelier Madison White

To make things easier on ourselves, and to give our furniture a home right away now that we’re moved in, we decided to pretty much reuse most of the furniture we had in our last house. I almost sold this dresser before we moved out of state, and now that we’re settled, I’m so glad we kept it! I got this beauty for $10 at the goodwill years ago and it’s still one of my favorite pieces.

Lyndhurst Celadon Green

We did a small rug swap, since the last guest room rug was too small for this space. We used the matching rug from our old Master in this room. It fits perfectly and looks great against the Minwax Provincial stain.

Minwax Provincial Stain

Here are a few additional shots of the color, which reads as a soft grayish green in person.

Lyndhurst Celadon Green

This is a close-up shot, against the trim.

Best Gray Green Colors

And for old times sake, a legit before and after!

Guest Room Before

And a progress shot. That bathroom is still as ugly as ever, so that door is staying shut. 😉 Now time to dig the sheets out of storage and back that bed.

Best Gray Green Colors



5 thoughts on “Green Machine

  1. loving that green. i also have a good luck with the historic colors. they’re just nice tones, nothing crazy but always look good.

    we are in the process of building a house and i’m almost paralyzed at the thought of painting the entire house. i’ll definitely need to call the pros to paint the entry way (it’s two stories and i’m not getting on scaffolding). so much to paint… *ahhhh!*

  2. Love it when a risk pans out! I painted the living room in my last house BM’s Camouflage and it seems very similar to your Celadon Green. I absolutely loved how it read as varying tones of green and grey in different lights, and am thinking of using it in the home we are currently building, too. Like you said, choosing colours for an entire house all at once is going to be a bit overwhelming so I might as well go with the tried and true! Your home renos to date have been very inspiring 🙂

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