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So y’all already know I like to be thrifty and stretch out my dolla billz as much as possible, so when I spotted two solid wood tables on craigslist for $40 – I had to jump. Here is a shot of table #1, not looking so hot … but for twenty bucks, I knew I could turn this from beast to beauty.

Refinishing Antique Furniture

And we had table #2, also not looking super spiffy with some green leprechaun paint smattered along the side and a classy burn mark on the top. It was advertised as a poker table, I’m seeing why.

How to refinish furniture

Since we knew that the top of table #1 was solid wood, we decided to whip out the ammonia to get all the sticky veneer and stain off the top. The top was pretty worn already, so after lightly scrubbing with a nail brush, our table was ready for stain.

We already had the dark walnut stain in the house from our floors and our last table refinishing, so we figured, waste not, want not and just got to it. (Psst – want to see a play by play on how to refinish old furniture? Check out this post).

How to Refinish Wood Tables

So confession. Call me captain capitalist, but I had grand plans of flipping these tables and selling them for a hefty profit on craigslist. Our first table sold in like 20 minutes flat on craigslist for $225, so I was thinking I might be able to snag a similar price for this little guy to help fund the slew of other projects I have up my sleeve for this abode.

I still intend to do that with the smaller table, but when I went to list the first one, an unanticipated thing happened. I feel in love, like cupid came with the set of arrows and all. I fell hard.

We put it down in our basement, just to pose it with some of our dining room chairs and that’s when the trouble started. 😀 I looked at the hubster and said – Jay – I think we’re keeping this one. The top is pretty worn (scraped, etc), but I think these details actually look pretty awesome with the dark stain. Plus, we don’t have to worry about beating it up now.

Dark Wood Antique Table

It just felt so perfect in this space. It had been a completely open and underutilized space before that just had us scratching our heads. Do we put more living room furniture over there, do we add another desk area, do we leave it empty? Our questions were answered the minute we popped this table downstairs for it’s photo op. Here is how the space looked before. Tres blah.

Dead Space in Basement

And this is how it looks now, with the table! See what I’m sayin’?! Hubba Hubba!!

Combing Dining Room Living Room

The best part about putting this extra dining table down here (other than the fact that it only set us back TWENTY BUCKS) was that this allows us to entertain so much easier downstairs. Now that the living room built-in is done this space is becoming our entertainment mecca. We just gravitate down here, so this gives us more seating to host more people.

There was one conundrum … ya know those dining chairs, that I just grabbed to “stage” the table to “sell” it. Well golly gee – they looked so good downstairs, I just didn’t have the heart to move them. So our Dining Room now looks like this.

Breakfast Nook in Kitchen

Sad and empty. So … what did I do. Carted my booty over to Tar-J to get me another (2) chairs. Holy smokes, excessive, or WHAT. I know, I know. But they were on sale for $75 AND I got an extra 15% off, bringing to total for (2) to $130. For upholstered dining seating, that’s like hella good. Evidence of my shopping escapade. I’m officially under house arrest until my next paycheck. 😀

Charcoal Threshold Chairs

So next time you’re looking for a place to chow down, come on over to our place. We’ve got TWO dining rooms 🙂 Man, I feel so AMERICAN saying that. Perhaps time to start hosting some family dinners. If only I could cook …

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7 thoughts on “Good as New

  1. Wow – that dining table looks AMAZING! I love all the character it has and it fits perfectly in your space. You have me trolling Craigslist now for one of my own.

    1. Thank you, Katy!! I have a friend that is a craigslist diva and she’s motivated me to check it more before springing for something new. Great way to save some dough. (Warning – the trolling becomes quite addictive) 🙂

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