Gold Hardware, Anyone?

So I had a mini-life crisis this weekend. Gold hardware, or no? #FirstWorldProblems. My biggest issue so far, is that I absolutely love the detailing of the brass fixtures that are available through the Martha Stewart Collection at Home Depot, and, much to my chagrin, they don’t make the same styles with the nickel or chrome finish. I’ve got Jekyll and Hyde going on right now. One second, it’ll add warmth, be different, go with your gut. The next second, brass – no way! It’ll stick out, too taste specific, you won’t like it, didn’t you just get done spray painting OVER gold (reminder here). Oye. Here is what our kitchen will look like with the current elements, including the brass. And ya know what, I like it.

Gold Hardware Kitchen
Kitchen Mood Board

That little honey bee knob from Martha. Oh my goodness, sweet mother of pearl. I just want to carry it around in my pocket and lick it. I think it would taste like honey, no. It sure looks like a big pot of wonderful honey. Too many honey references, I feel like I’m turning into Pooh. Oh bother. The entire Martha Stewart line can be found here, I love it since it’s totally affordable and pretty darn stylish too. I  have not been able to find anything close for both looks and price.

What say you? Do others have brass in their space? Do you like it, love it, want some more of it? Here are some of the inspiration pictures I found that have kept me thinking that brass might be the key to my heart.

Brass Hardware in White Kitchen
Brass Hardware in White Kitchen

Here is another kitchen that had me at hello.

Brass Hardware in White Kitchen
White Kitchen Brass Hardware

Doesn’t it just make the space look warmer? My only concern with the Martha Stewart line is that the brass is less aged than I would like. I prefer a really nice patina on brass, just that vintage, worn look. Her line has some patina on the knobs, but the pulls I’ve picked out are pretty shiny. Like grab your sunglasses cause we got some bling up in da house. In a quest to solve this problem myself, I looked into how you can age brass with the DIY route, which would work swimmingly, but alas, Martha’s got faux brass – not the real McCoy. For $1.98 each (yes, seriously) I guess you can’t really expect it to be brass though.

For all the hardware we will need for the kitchen reno, the price comes out to $75. Since the other hardware I wanted came out to $15 each (yowzers), $75 for all of it is pricey, but not over the top awful.

Martha Stewart Bedford Brass
Martha Stewart Hardware Pricing

The other option, is to play the safe route and go matchy matchy with some nickel. Here is what the kitchen would look like with the nickel options I like through good old Martha.

White Shaker Cabinets
Kitchen Inspiration

The upside of the Nickel option? It only cost $45, for all the hardware. Yeppers. In the world of kitchen renos, that is darn right cheap.

Pricing for Martha Stewart Hardware
Martha Stewart Hardware

Thoughts? These little details are definitely the hardest for me!

4 thoughts on “Gold Hardware, Anyone?

  1. Yellow gold is making a huge comeback in fashion and I love it – as evidenced by need to wait a month with a half-dead phone so I can get the gold iPhone. We just moved into this house las year and everything is in brass. It’s taking us some getting use to as our design tastes have always coordinated with nickel or oil rubbed bronze. But gold lamps and accessories are becoming popular and look great.

    The prob is that the brass plumbing fixtures and hardware are now impossible to find and expensive. So we are phasing it out in out kitchen and going with the standard nickel and stainless stuff.

    1. Gold is totally making a come back, I personally love it!! My favorite look though is true brass, which gets a really nice patina over time. The stuff on the market right now is mostly just gold plated, unless you want to pay the big bucks for real brass! 😀

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