Going on a Table Hunt

Now that we’ve decided to work with the smaller dining space we have, it’s time to optimize the hut and get a round dining table already. Actually, the search has only just begun. Ideally, I’d really like to find one on craigslist or used (Salvation Army, consignment stores, etc) but if all else fails, there are a few online that I like as well.

This was the first table I found that I liked, it’s 54″ round, with an extension. 54″ could work, but I feel like 48″ would be a bit better for flow in the room. This one is from Art Van, (it’s the Sutton’s Bay Pedestal Dining Table) which is nice since there is ALWAYS a promo going on there. It’s listed for $599, but I wouldn’t pay much more than $400 for it, which I think is feasible given all the promotions Art Van runs.

Suttons Bay Dining Table
Suttons Bay Dining Table

I’m quite smitten with this guy from Macy’s as well. I absolutely love the pedestal base on it, but I’m not sure I’m crazy about the top. It looks like it has quite a bit of detail, and I think that I would prefer just plan wood versus an inlay pattern. This one is a 48″ table (right dimensions!) with a leaf that extends it to 70″, so it’s great for when we are entertaining and need additional space at the table. The reviews say that the table top scratches pretty easy as well, and with a cat that is constantly jumping on the table, that might nix this one.

I’m digging this one, from Liberty Furniture as well. Ideally, I think I would go with a slightly darker wood stain, but I think it’s a super handsome looking table! It’s a 48″ base table, that expands to 60″ (and seats 6) for entertaining. The smaller sizing is appealing to me, since I think it would help a lot with the flow in the room. Also, although I absolutely love the pedestal portion of the table, I’m not sure I’m crazy about the loop-de-loos at the bottom of the table legs. It’s also a bit more pricey – at $720.

48" Pedestal Dining Table
Liberty Furniture Pedestal Dining Table

Other than the price, I’m totally gelling with┬áthis table from Broyhill as well (think it might even be my top contender…). One of the most important aspects to me on the table is the look of the pedestal. Gotta keep it classy, America! There are certain details that just make me want to run and grab my wallet on a pedestal table and this one has a lot of those star qualities that have me thinking irrational thoughts, and saying to myself, $700 isn’t THAT expensive. Dangerous words, very dangerous words.

Broyhill Pedestal Dining Table
Broyhill Pedestal Dining Table

Any thoughts out there in blog land? I find it’s the hardest to find what you’re looking for, when you already know EXACTLY what you’re looking for. Narrows the search options a wee bit. ­čÖé

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