Going on a Rug Hunt

Designing a room that I love is an iterative process for me. Jay would say a wee bit too iterative, but ya know, you win some you lose some. If something doesn’t feel right to me in a room – it usually gets the boot pretty quickly. Insert our living room rug. After re-purposing the initial rug to the Master Bedroom, I found a steal on one online. Although I loved the way it looked virtually – I knew the second I laid it down – no go. It actually photographs nicely – but in person – the wool is too pixalated, if you will. {Photo below}

Living Room: Progress

One quasi dangerous thing I have found about decorating a home is that I have always been able to sell items that don’t fit the bill on craigslist and since I usually have a coupon in hand for my initial purchase, I tend to be able at least walk away even, if not make a few bucks. Craigslist, it’s da bomb, what can I say. My best craigslist win was finding a pair of antique lane coffee tables for $5 – that I was able to sell for $200 George Washington’s. Yep – that was pretty sweet. I was lucky enough to unload this rug at no loss – so the next rug is more of a swap. At least that is how I explain my madness to the hubby 🙂 So here I am, on the hunt for a new rug. I’ve always loved the look of a natural fiber rug, a la the photo below. Nice neutral space where I can add some pops of color with accessories, tres chic.

Living Room Inspiration Living Room Inspiration

I finally settled on this one from Overstock. Added bonus – it’s $75 less than the previous rug, so now I have some cash-o-rama to dedicate to the next project around the place. Arrri-bbaa!!

Jute Rug for Living Room

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