Frickety Faucet … a Whicka Whicka

Faucets. Another detail that feels like it’s way more complicated than it should be 😉 We are going for a classic look in the downstairs bath, a la the photo below. We both loved the look of the cross handle, and we wanted to find a tub and faucet set from the same brand that matched, to pull the room together a bit.

Small Bathroom Inspiration
Small Bathroom Inspiration

That being said, we had a few stipulations with our search.

  1. Price: I had $150 budgeted for each item (tub faucet and sink faucet)
  2. They needed to match – duh! 😉
  3. The tub faucet had to be two handles (vs. the central hot/cold control)

At first I had this faucet picked out, since I thought we would be going with this sink, (more on that here) which is much smaller and a 4″ center set. But after really scratching our heads about it, we knew that the first pedestal sink we had picked out was just going to be way too small for the space. I mean, it was tiny. Like pretty sure half the water would have fallen right out of the basin and onto the floor, so after lots of deliberating that sink (and faucet) got the boot.

Kingston Brass Heritage 4" Centerset
Kingston Brass Heritage 4″ Centerset

But lucky for me, Kingston Brass makes the same faucet, in a 8″ center set model, which we would need for the new sink we are eyeing. Unlucky for me, it was $120 more. Oye. So much for rocking the budget. After scouring the world wide web, I was able to find it on for only $80 extra, plus, I got a coupon for 12% off, so I think that is the best I’ll be able to do. Devil’s in the details, eye?

Kingston Brass Heritage Collection 8"
Kingston Brass Heritage Collection 8″

Along with the Kingston Brass Heritage collection sink we selected above, we decided to go with the Kingston Brass American Cross Handles Magellan Collection faucet for the tub/shower. Unfortunately, they did not have a Heritage collection tub faucet, but aesthetically they are quite similar. One thing that was frustrating is that different websites, and even the same website with different products, had very different color variations with the same finish and same brand. Eventually I just had to trust that the brand would have consistency with it’s finishes, and that all of the Satin Nickel products will look the same. Here is the tub faucet we are going with.

Kingston Brass Magellan Collection
Kingston Brass Magellan Collection

After doing some price searching, I landed up getting the tub faucet from Modern Furniture Warehouse. Yes, just the place you would think about getting a faucet from 😉 Ok, so it was the cheapest location by far – BUT – we have still not received the faucet. We ordered it like a week and a half ago, and it is still labeled as processing on their website. I mean seriously. After a week of waiting, I tried contacting their customer service department, and I was directed to a message machine. Thought that was a little funky, but as long as someone can provide an answer (stat!) as to when I will be getting by faucet, that would be thrilling. Hopefully this baby will get here (be shipped!) soon, since I would really love to be united with this long lost faucet of mine.

Overall, it’s looking like we will be coming in just a bit under the initial budget of $300 for both. The tub faucet came in at $99.89 from Modern Furniture Warehouse, and the 8″ Widespread faucet came in at $170.89 (with our coupon), from overstock. All’s well that ends well 🙂

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