Forest Hills

Being that we were from out of state when we began our house hunting adventure here in Durham, we really had no idea how diverse and varied the neighborhoods were here in town. Our real estate agent was awesome about bringing us around to new haunts, and one of the locations that I absolutely fell in love with was Forest Hills. This section of town was not even remotely on our radar when we started hunting, most likely since all of the houses are completely out of our budget. 😀 Plus, since it’s such a prime time swank location, houses rarely get listed in this section of town to boot.

Durham Neighborhood Map

Now partly because I felt like a mega-licous stalker, and partly because the sun was setting, this is a short and sweet little tour of the Forest Hills neighborhood. As gorgeous as this area is, I’d definitely say it’s got a slightly different vibe than the other chunks of town, so I felt a bit more paparazzi over here when I got some strange looks from all the fancy pants people walking their dogs that evening 😀

Here is a small sampling of the stunning pads you can find though! How about this brick charmer?

Traditional Brick Colonial Home in Durham, North Carolina


Maybe it’s because they remind me of my Grandma’s house up in Wisconsin, but I absolutely love the cape cod style of home. This one is totally done right with the greige exterior color and contrasting black shutters.

Traditional Cape Cod

And right next door, a regal white painted brick home. What would I even DO with a house that big – it’s a dangerous question, people, very dangerous.

Ivy Around Steps

Even though I know it’s an invasive down here, I can even handle how much I love the look of a walkway surrounded by ivy.

Ivy around walkway

Given my love affair with ivy, you can see why I was totally smitten with this section of town!

This house needed some updating (awnings must go, now!), but perched up high on a hill as you enter this neighborhoods main loop, you definitely can’t beat the location. I love how atypical the homes facade is, too.

Homes in Forest Hills

Hard to do, but this curved brick walkway may just beat out the whole ivy look. A wee more expensive, but come ON, can you beat that curb appeal?

Forest Hills Home

This house is great from all angles – this is a side view of the same home!

Forest Hills

And if you’re all googly eyed over these mansions of yesteryear like I was, one just went on the market a week or so ago for a cool $1 mill, which is quite frankly, on the low end in this hood! Keep pinching those pennies Durhamites!

Oh and PSSTT!! As of yesterday – we’ve got some pretty BIG news to share next Monday!! 😀 Spoiler alert – We found a ( ______ ) – it starts with the letter H…. 😀

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