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Perhaps it’s the fact that there is finally a fall chill in the air down in the land of the pines, but I’m craving cozy these days. A blanket, some tea, a crackling fireplace. Ahhh, yes. Fall.

So every time I walk through our living room, with my visions of sugar plums above said fall like items dancing through my head, I kinda have a whomp whomp moment because cozy just ain’t whats going on in that room.

Large Open Living Room

Our Living Room needs a rug, it needs one badly. Turns out, massive sized rugs that fill up an entire Living Room, are sorta pricey though. Figures.

But since I’m getting stir crazy for this space to feel a bit more done, when I spotted a special through FLOR for free samples, I figured that was at least a good place to start.

Free Flor Samples

We got (3) samples, listed from top to bottom, we got:

  1. A Tisket, A Tasket | Oatmeal
  2. Suit Yourself | Flax
  3. Suite Yourself | Linen

Now initially I had spotted Suit Yourself in Flax on the Lettered Cottage and loved it. Almost enough that I nearly purchased the linen color sight unseen, right off the interwebs. Well thank goodness I kept that finger from clicking, because in all honesty, once it got here I felt like the linen color had too much color variation and kinda looked too berbery to me.

Flor Samples

Right now, Jay and I are leaning toward the middle option (A Tisket, A Tasket, in Oatmeal). We’ll be needing a 10×14 rug, so it’ll be around $700 to purchase this hunka chunka carpet goodness, so we definitely want to make sure we’re picking one that works just right with our space.

One of the reasons we’re loving the FLOR concept right now is this little bugger.

Cat and the Faucet

Since whenever he does hack up kitty vomit, he seems to aim right for our carpet, we thought that a rug that allows you to switch out each square, would pretty much be perfect for our biggest (and most expensive) rug. If you’re not familiar with the FLOR concept, it’s essentially a bunch of tiles, that you group together, to make one big (or small!) rug!

Here are some close up photos of Layla’s gorgeous home, and the Flax Suit Yourself option, that she went with.

Flor Carpet Squares

And another, closer shot. You can see when all the tiles are assembled together, they definitely look like one large rug, and not like a bunch of tiles thrown together. I was worried the seems would be really visible, but overall, I think they blend nicely.

Flor Carpet Squares

Decisions, decisions! Tell me, have you done a FLOR rug before? Like it, love it, need some more of it?

5 thoughts on “Flor Me

  1. I have done one before and ordered the carpet cutting knife and everything since I needed to make some trims. That’s where I had the most trouble – cuts! If you don’t have to cut them, I think they are great, but I found them really hard to trim. If I had to do it again I’d probably go on the hunt for a different knife or way to cut them. Otherwise, they were so easy to install and very durable and attractive! Still expensive though!

  2. I LOVE Flor. If you have any incidents (pet, kid etc) you can remove the square and hose it off outside :). We have 3 Flor carpets, although I picked stuff a little less neutral because I lived with white carpets and walls for too long. Our old rug (which has now been replaced with a purple one is seen here: http://lifebeyondsilicon.com/2014/02/19/why-dont-we-paint-the-town-and-all-that-jazz/) . We also have a dark gray almost-sisal rug under our kitchen table. If you go to a Flor store, you can often get 15-20% off. You can also return it with full refund to the store if you hate your rug. They can pre-cut squares for you before the carpet arrives, which is great for adding borders too. If you can’t make it to the store and you can wait for a sale, get on their emailing list. They have discounts once a quarter usually.

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