Since the herringbone tile install may or may not have started WW III round these parts, I think Jay and I were both pretty relieved that the flooring install was much easier and more straightforward. Helps that we cheated a bit, and I guess it helps when you are just plopping down 12×12″ tile and calling it a day. Especially when you only got 20 sq feet to do! 😉 To refresh your memory, here is the tile we picked out from the Tile Shop for the bathroom. Lurrrve it.

Small Marble Hex Tile
Small Marble Hex Tile

After ripping out all the old, we were ready to bring in the new. Before Jay started laying everything down with mortar, I came through and positioned the tiles a bit, just to avoid colors congregating too much in one area, and making everything look uneven.

Marble Hexagon Tile
Laying Down Tile

Since we already did the mortar and backerboard play by play, I thought I go right into the fun stuff with this post 🙂 First, here is a picture of the messy mess created by ripping out all the old tile. Not pretty, very dusty, and generally gross.

How to remove tile
Messy Bathroom

The perks of a small space though, quick clean up, especially with this handy little sucker, who was my tried and true pal throughout this renovation process. Jay was the mess maker and and was the quicker picker upper. I would just wait for him to give me to go ahead, with my trigger finger over the on button and I’d start sucking it all up. Not sure what’s wrong with me, but vacumms are like my fav. I especially love a shop vac – they are super suckers.

Lowes Shop Vac
Shop Vac

Since we were putting down marble, we did have to seal the tile first, before moving on to grouting. The man at the tile shop convinced us to get this fancy shmancy stuff. I think I choked on my spit when he said it was $30, but while I was recovering, the salesman was convincing my husband of it’s super star sealing properties. Somehow it was placed in my basket and I’ve justified it through the fact that we are installed a marble floor in the basement as well, so we can at least reuse it. AND you can use it for grout sealing as well, so it’s a multi-purpose tool. Or so they say.

To seal it, you just grab a paint brush and lightly coat the entire floor, or area you are looking to protect. Jay likened it to installed rainex, wax on, wax off. Just got to buff it a bit after you let it sit, and it’s supposedly good for 5 years. Once you notice that water is not beading up on the tile anymore, you should probably reseal it, just to keep the tile in tip top shape.

How to Seal Marble Tile
Sealing Marble Tile

After it was sealed, it was time to grout! We opted to get a slightly darker grout for the floor and it looks so very nice next to the handsome grey/white tone textures on the floor pattern.

How to grout marble tile
Grouting Tile

It’s pretty dark when you initially put it down, but eventually to dries and looks quite a bit lighter. I’ll post some after pictures soon! Now just the trim and we are ready to install our toilet back it!! Since we have had to cart our bums down to the basement to use the bathroom as of late, this is a very exciting development 🙂

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  2. so what was the magic sealer that cost $30? I’m thinking of putting the same hexie floor in our “micro” master bath. I like the idea of it lasting 5 years!

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