First Things First

Our house, is a very, very, very fine house. With one cat in the window. And two humans in the kitchen. The kitchen is probably our favorite room, that, or the dining room 😉

So although we love our house, as it is now, we’ve also got some pretty big plans for this little abode of ours. Before delving into the description of all the new additions and modifications we plan to make, I thought I would dedicate a post to providing an overview of the house as it stands today. And although it’s a very, very, very fine house – there is always room for improvement. 🙂

First Floor Layout
Layout of First Floor

Our first floor is really the main floor we are living on right now. It’s got two bedrooms, which is one more than we really need – so it’s plenty of room for our little group these days. The Living Room upfront is really more of a formal living space – since we actually have TWO living spaces in the new house! That was quite the bonus, considering the home is a 1940’s bungalow, so it’s pretty rare to find a finished (and DRY!) lower level.

Our big plans for the first floor are to basically tear out the wall between the current Kitchen and Dining Room, and to convert the current screened in porch to our formal dining space. Our Kitchen is really small presently (10×9) and although it functions pretty well for it’s small size, we are so, so excited to have a combined kitchen dining space with an open concept where we can entertain. Of our mucho dinero projects, this is the first we are planning on tackling, so that is super exciting! We plan to get some quotes late this summer, and hopefully proceed with the Dining Room portion in the early fall. Here are some images on how we envision the kitchen space looking post reno:

White Kitchen Marble
Kitchen Inspiration

We plan to put a nice peninsula off the side with room for a few stools, so it will really lead to the open concept feel. We are SO excited. But also kind of nervously waiting and biting our nails to see how much we are quoted for some of the work we cannot do ourselves. It’s the first time we are looking to actually add-on to a house … permits … $$$$ … etc.

These days, we have been chilling a lot in our basement 🙂 Totally a novelty for this little group of bumkins. Our last basement, well, let’s just say not as relaxing of a destination. The space down here is huge, so it’s become a favorite hang out spot for us. We’ve been making lots of progress on the space, and it already feels a lot more like “us” than when we moved in.

Overview of our basement floorplan
Basement Floor Plan

Our big plans for this space are to gut the bathroom, and totally finish the side laundry room, which is just a slab o’ cement right now with lots of wires popping out all over the space. It’s a decent sized footprint though, so there should be some room to work with. I also want to add some built-ins for the TV, and some customized storage in the utility room. But…. it’s the basement, so we are tackling the no-cost/low-cost solutions right now, and when I get board of modifying the main floor, I’ll tackle this space with a bit more earnest.

Attic Conversion Layout
2nd Floor Layout

Finally, we have our second floor, which is just a carpeted, non-insulated attic at the moment. In our last home, we had a really nice space on the second level that was converted to a Master. Although the space functioned well on a square footage basis, like our current attic, this one had NO insulation, and it was really quite awful to sleep in it during the winter and summer months. Live and learn my friend. Luckily we will be tackling finishing off the second floor ourselves, so we will be able to add mucho insulation, and customize all types of built-in details to finish off the space. Since we are planning on adding a dormer and a bath upstairs, this is also a project that will require some professional expertise, so this is one of the long term objectives for the house. Can’t keep me from dreaming though! I’ve already got a pinterest board dedicated to this baby, and know exactly how I want it to look when finished.

Attic Conversion Ideas
Attic Conversion Master Inspiration

So needless to say – we are pretty excited to see where this house takes us. Read a quote when we first moved in, and I thought it was pretty fitting for this new little abode of ours. It said, “Home is where every corner is brimming with possibility.” I think ours is brimming with at least a few years of possibility! Can’t wait to see where the journey takes us!

Also, if of interest. I used a handy little free program to put our house layout together, great tool – even let’s you upload images, if you already have a blueprint laying around, so it’s really easy to quickly produce the home layout. 😉

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