Finding Free Art

I’m a sucker for pretty things, what can I say. I’m an even BIGGER sucker for free pretty things. Case and point, the guy below (the beer pic) was ripped out of a magazine! 😉 Just landed on my counter free o’ charge. I like that! It’s not perfect – it’s a bit more glossy than a photo of this size should be (since it was from a magazine ad), but overall, who’s looking?

Free Art From Magazine

A few days later, I was going through our mail, and much to my surprise, I found the prettiest poster advertising the upcoming film festival downtown. Since it was sent as a mailer, there were a few creases in it, but I knew it would look super fine framed and pressed. I had a vision.

With something of this size, I was initially a bit stumped about where to lay it for a prolonged time to press it a bit before framing. Notably, the orange tabby likes to eat paper. Yeah, like nom nom nom, he actually eats it up like it’s dinner. Guess he is looking for some fiber in his diet. 😉 So I knew where ever I put it had to be out of his reach.

Glancing around the house, I decided that the perfect location would be behind an already framed poster. Definitely out of Malcolm’s reach (check!) and hopefully pressed enough to help loosen some of the creases over time. So the poster sat, hidden behind the butterflies for a few months while I waited for an eat free at IKEA day. 😉

IKEA Butterfly Chart

When we were on our latest shopping extravaganza to IKEA, we picked up one of their poster sized frames for $20 beans, which included a mat for around the poster. Classy. Now $20 is not an insignificant amount for a frame, but this frame is huge. Jumbo tron sized here, people. So far, IKEA is the best location I’ve find for decently nice matted frames that don’t cost a fortune.

IKEA Ribba Poster Frame

Our entry into our basement has been looking might bare so we decided to pop this guy over to the right of the doorway. Add a little interest as people enter into the cave. Here is a shot of how the wall looked before. Yep, not much a going on. Bland as they come.

Finished Basement Drywall

And here is how our little corner of the world is looking these days. Ah yes. For $20, I’ll take it!

IKEA Ribba Frame Poster

It’s a poster of the Ann Arbor Film festival, which I love, since it’s a local event that happens every year in town. It personalizes the space a bit more and gives it some townie pride I think 🙂 One of our favorite restaurants in town is chalk full of posters from all the different festivals in town and I’ve always thought of it as a fun time stamp on the town from year to year. Never thought I’d get in on the action for free though!

Ann Arbor Film Festival Poster

As you keep walking on in the basement you have the bathroom behind mystery door #1 and the laundry room straight on through. I’m thinking the next project might be tearing up this tile and putting in a nice herringbone tile pattern. Maybe in a slate tile, or I’ve also really been liking the tile that looks like wood. When this stuff first came out a few years ago, it looked mega cheap, but I think it’s really come a long way. I kinda dig it. 😉

ORB Hardware

Our basement is still recovering from all the clutter and mess that resulted from us moving all our worldly possessions from the upstairs, down here while we refinished the floors. We’ve still got mixing bowls cluttering the counters, and our side room is totally full of dishes that have not made it to their storage home quite yet. Now that the main floor is finally wrapping up, I’ve got some big plans for a built-in for the tv along with rearranging some of the furniture, too.

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