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Mood boards are one of my favorite ways to envision a space – it’s the best way to get my design mojo a going and my pinterest button a clicking.

For instance, when we were working on the downstairs bathroom remodel last winter (seriously, was that last winter?) I put this little guy together to keep track of some of the details I was hoping to incorporate into the space.

Marble bathroom, antique bronze, polished nickel And as a point of comparison, this is how our tiny water closet turned out.

Traditional Marble Bathroom

We went with the floors from the Tile Shop and LOVE them. They make me feel like tap dancing. Which I’d do if the room wasn’t like 2 feet x 3 feet. I tap dance in my head anyway.

White Painted bathroom threshold

And although I didn’t get all the gold accessories I was initially pegging for, I did spot this little antique painting at the resale shop, and I think that it adds some warmth into the room. Still working on some final details for the space, but it’s coming along.

Small Antique Frame

When I was looking to get all inspired to tackle our latest and greatest project up in the attic, I also popped some images together to get my vision aligned with reality. Now, were not nearly done with the attic, but I’m using this board as a general template to help guide us as we work on each component of the room.

Plus, it helps me to begin the sourcing process, which can be tedious at times when you’re having a hard time finding exactly the right item, in exactly the right price range. Actually it’s usually easy to find the right item, it’s that pesky budget that gets in the way. πŸ˜‰

Master Attic Conversion Mood BoardAnd now that we’ve started working on the basement in a bit more earnest with the built-in, I also decided to throw it down into the mood board gauntlet and get all inspired for that space, too! Just looking at it makes me start fist pumping, which is exactly what an inspiration board should do, get ya all hyped to get that space purty.

Living Room Mood Board

So, are ya wondering what the giveaway is? πŸ˜‰ Kept ya hanging, didn’t I.Β 

Since I’m such a mood board maven, I thought I’d holla at all my buddies out in the blog land and offer a free mood board to (3) random readers! Got a room you’ve been dying to tackle? Just comment below and tell me, what room is giving you the blues? Why do you want to revamp it?

Here’s the scoop on the details: I’ll contact the (3) random winners a week from today (10/23) Β and get crack a lackin’ on a designed space just for you, which will include sourced materials so you can hunt down all the specifics after! I’ll announce the winners at the bottom of this post, and the bottom of my 10/23 post, too! Good luck!

15 thoughts on “Feeling Moody | Giveaway!

  1. Mary, I’m wondering what do you actually use for a mood board? Is it a paper file? Or do you just keep pics in files on your computer? Or is it some special program?

  2. Mary, I would love some help with a mood board for my bedroom. I’ve been following along with your renos and love everything you’ve done so far!!

  3. I would love your perspective on a “big boy room” for Cash! You certainly have an eye for pulling things together πŸ™‚ I like the idea of this giveaway πŸ™‚

  4. I have just discovered your blog (Rachael Goetz) and love it! I would love some of your wonderful ideas for my living room/dining room. A mood board is just what I need to get me moving.

  5. I’m looking for a new perspective on my tired old living room. We have mostly nice but hand-me-down furniture and a grad student budget but I know this room can be cozy and chic with a little love!

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