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This morning walking to work, I noticed we now have 2 Chevy Volts on our block, along with a Nissan Leaf one street over. I was reading this news article this evening about how Nissan is planning to drop the price on their entry level Leaf to $18,800 (after the tax credit). Now for a car that uses -zero- gas, that is pretty gosh darn cheap! Sure, we would have to get a Level II charger for our garage, which would set us back $800-$1,200, but then again we would see some pretty stellar cost savings.

If we were considering not being a one-car family – I would snag this Leaf stat!! I’m almost considering it even BEING a 1-car family. Is that crazy? Well, let me tell you my thought process on it.


  1. Probably 90% of our driving is done right in town, I mean – 10 miles or less. 
  2. Electricity is WAY cheaper than gas and much more importantly – we could opt to install solar panels on our garage to juice it up carbon free
  3. Jay’s work has an EV charger and our city and region are well equipped with infrastructure
  4. Assuming we continue our average amount of driving at 500 miles monthly, 6,000 miles annually, we would pay $244.80/year (assuming .10 per kwh to charge) vs. $429.60 annually for the Prius (assumptions here).
  5. Maintenance costs also decrease quite a bit on a pure EV


  1. Although we do a ton of our driving locally – we do travel outside of the state periodically. Outside of planes, trains, and rental cars – this could become a wee bit tricky with a pure EV. BUT, Nissan also offers a complimentary rental program where you can utilize a fleet vehicle  – at no cost – when you need to go out of town. So this starts to negate this point a bit for me.
  2. Until we did have solar panels installed – the decrease in carbon emissions would be negligible
  3. Possible decrease in battery capacity over time (although we have not seen this at all on our Prius, which is a 2007 – a little different given this is a hybrid vs. a pure battery electric vehicle)
  4. And most importantly, our current car is PAID off
Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf

So overall – I’m thinking that when our Prius dies, or when we decide to sell it, we should consider a Leaf. Until then, I think it makes sense economically to stick to our trusty fleets of 3 vehicles. 2 bikes, and a car 🙂

One thing for sure – this article got me thinking about how affordable EV’s are becoming, and really started a discussion here at home about the feasibility of this car as a next vehicle for us. What do you guys think? Would you buy an EV? Would you buy one if you were a one car family? Tell us your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “EV Nation

  1. Jack would never ever go for an all electro car. He wont even go hybrid. He will reuse and recycle all day long but when it comes to vehicles he just has a soft spot for the grumble of an engine. Buying a used car is the most eco-friendly way to go anyway. Your best bet will be to wait a few years and buy your leaf used. Plus cars lose so much value just driving off the lot.

    We tried being a one car family and we just cant make it work here, either I have to wake up the baby early and drive Jack to work (nightmare) or I am stuck at home. If we lived somewhere with more walk-able stuff or better PT (like when we were in ann arbor) it wouldnt be a problem but here it just doesnt work. I would happily trade my Subaru in for a used hybrid though. *A girl can dream*

    1. Ya know its funny – Jay was obsessed with his car when we got married/in high school. He was voted best car our senior year, lol. Not sure how I converted him, but now he’s totally about his bike and he drives a Prius! he he. He treats his bike like it’s a car, he is always working on it – it’s funny!

      Yeah – we got our Prius used (it’s a 2007) and we really love it! Buying used is always the best way to go I think. Unless we find the perfect car next time around, and plan to own it for like 15 years, I really see us doing the used route again.

      1. Yeah luckily Jack is a bike guy too. In A2 he biked to work every day. But he just loves his old cars. I dont see that going away anytime soon. (Right now he drives an ’85 Audi Coupe. Her name is Deloris).Lately though he has been talking about a motorcycle (his job now is to far to bicycle). That’s pretty fuel efficient if you are brave enough to do it. I certainly am not!

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