Entering our Abode

Sometimes I’m not so great at the details. I can’t help myself … I just move on to the next project and forget to come back for all the nitty gritty. Fine level details like – oh, a piece of furniture to stash your lighting on in the entry. As people have entered our house lately, things have been looking like this.

Entry Before and After

Pretty much how my husband’s apartment looked all through college. Who needs a table for your lamp when you can just sit it on the ground, anyway? Well you see, I started to get self conscious about our podunk entry way, so I decided I hadΒ to have a piece of furniture to make the space look a bit more together. So, I tried what every frugal shopper out there does – I scoured craigslist. And then I looked at all the local thrift shops. For a month – a whole fa-reaking month – and came up empty handed. Nothing, nadda, no dice. Which made me very sad because, frankly, I don’t like spending money. πŸ˜€

So I started my round of internet searching, I figured with the holiday season upon us, I might be able to snag a bit of a deal buying something new, too. These are some of the winners I found.

Entry Table Options

One in particular caught my eye. I absolutely LOVE the look of a barley twist table and had come across #3 while shopping a few months back at World Market and really liked it. So, when I got a 25% off coupon in my inbox the next morning after doing my little virtual search, I took it as a sign and went out and bought this little dude. Since we had a gift card stashed away from when the hubby got his contacts, we were only out $50. Not. too. shabby.

The first option, although I love the look, was a flash sale at Joss and Main, which means if ya don’t buy it in the week you see it – it’s gonzo. And the second, although also very chic, look a bit chinsey to me when I saw it in person. A bit too particle board for the look I was hoping to achieve.

Once we got it home, there was a minimal amount of assembly required but really it only took us about 15 minutes total to get this little dude up and running. While Jay was working on putting it together, I was admiring my other little splurge of a purchase. Some matching baskets to keep this table looking that much more classy. They set me back $30 for the set, which really ain’t that bad considering these similar ones at Williams-Sonoma set you back a cool $179. Each.

Grab a defibrillator – I wouldn’t sell my kid for that much. (got them at Homegoods, FYI, obivi…) πŸ˜‰

Seagrass Storage Baskets

Malcolm was also admiring the baskets πŸ˜€

Kitty in A Basket

Before I knew it, the hubster had the table up and it was ready for some accessorizing action. Here are some of the after shots.

Leo Sofa Table

Although it’s a bit shorter than the dresser we had before, I dig a lig it. Much better than the lamp just chillaxin’ all by it’s lonesome. Hands down, have to say my favorite deet on this guy is it’s knotted little legs. Not quite as amazing as a barley twist table, but still has the same look and feel I think.

Leo Foyer Table

Another nice feature of this table option, is that it doesn’t pop out too much, so the walk way is not as obstructed. Win.

World Market Leo Foyer Table

It’s a leap and a jump from where we were yesterday. Anybody else adding some new furniture digs to your space? πŸ˜€

9 thoughts on “Entering our Abode

  1. Love the table and your entryway! I believe my parents actually have the same table from Target you have pictured, and it is nice, but I like yours much better in that space. πŸ™‚

    My husband and I live in a condo that is too small to do a ton with right now, but I’m prowling the internet for ideas on organizing small spaces and making them feel homier! It’s an interesting challenge, that’s for sure.

  2. Hi,
    Love the Leo table, thinking of ordering one. I really love that lamp you have on the table, could you tell me where you bought it please?

    Thank you!

    1. Ok thank you so much! (I was afraid you were going to tell me that as nearest store is couple hours away, I was so hoping to just be able to order it as I really dig it πŸ™‚ let the hunt begin! Really enjoy your blog and love your style!

  3. Hi Mary! I have been considering this table for our foyer, and you made it look amazing in yours, but is it really 16 inches deep? That might be too deep for the hallway I wanted to use it in. I was hoping for more like 14! I don’t have a World Market near me so I thought I’d ask you πŸ™‚

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