Devil’s in the Details

If I could pick a crowing jewel, and personal favorite addition to our new space, it would hands down be the new french doors we have that lead off the dining room into the screened in porch. After we removed the wall (and patched it up), we felt like the best way to take the space to the next level was to pop in a big old door to make the area feel nice and easy breezy. The door was looking mighty spifirific, but as mentioned, it was a bit gappy and in dire need of some trim. After we added the insulation, it was time to pop up the trim and get crack-a-lackin. Here is a (bad) before shot of the interior of the french door sans trim.

  French Door Insalation

One of the first things we noticed, was that the trim did not want to stay in place, and that it was popping up at all sorts of random locations. After some sleuthing, we determined that the culprit was the shims, which were sticking out just enough to cause all kinds of problems.

Adding Trim to French Door

Once we trimmed down each of the problem locations, we came back through with our nail gun and popped a few strategically placed nails into the trim surround. This tool is absolutely amazing. It turned (hands down) a job that we both hated (albeit for different reasons), into a job that Jay smiles from ear to ear on and I manically laugh to.  We have different ways of showing our happiness around here 😉

Bostitch Air Compressor and Nail Gun

I HATED installing trim before, cause no matter how hard we tried, it would always get totally beat up and dented. Now, there are some reassuring noises (da-juunc, da-juunc) and we are done-zo. That’s the way I like it.

How to Install Trim Around Door

We had some concerns about each of the corners lining up right, but with some slight adjustments, all of the trim was cut and added up onto the wall. We had a few gaps, but as always, nothing that caulk could not fix. 😉

Thick Trim Around French Door

You can see in this picture that the the trim was 1) gap-a-licious and 2) pink. I guess in an effort to level the gender playing field, they’ve now made builder grade pink. Whatever the reasons, this trim (and door) were in need of some crisp, white paint. My favorite fix for any room.

Holes in French Door

One final detail that had to be dealt with prior to painting, was installing little nubs to conceal the million and one screws on this thing. Luckily our door came with a baggie full of these guys, but actually pushing them in there was a lot harder than we thought! We eventually resorted to using a spoon, which was the perfect fix. 🙂 After a coat of Benjamin Moore Simply White, we had this!

French Door Off Dining Room

Here is a shot from further away, so you can see how the entire room is looking as well (this is pre-floors, fyi).

French Doors Off Dining Room

For good measure, here is an up to date action shot of the entire room (door to the right in the picture). Did you notice we painted the room, too? It’s Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. I love it.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray


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