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I know. In blog-world, I’m a month behind. But ladies in gentleman, in my world, I am most definitely a month ahead since, quite frankly, our halls rarely get decked. 😀 Since we still go over to Mom and Pop’s to celebrate, and it’s just us (and the cat, and the cat EATS all our decorations and then hacks them up), we just haven’t been that into decorating. But I gotta tell ya, adding some holiday cheer to our little abode makes such a difference. Something about walking into a room with a stuffed Santa Claus in it just makes ya grin.

Garland On Fireplace

We didn’t do much, but the little touches made the place feel festive and fun! We had some friends over for a small little Christmas party and I had lots of fun decorating our table while Jay was busy cooking up an amazing meal. I found some sweet little burlap table runners on craigslist this week for $12 (for four) and I think they’ll become a new staple for dressing up our tables. Rustic chic. 😉

Holiday Table Place Setting

I didn’t really realize how deficient our place setting supplies were until I actually went to go and have a party. Kind of kicking myself for not asking for a nice set of china when we got married. It was (and is!) so expensive, that I had a really hard time justifying the cost. I guess that means I’ll have to be on the hunt during my subsequent thrifting adventures. 🙂

Since we didn’t have many decorations upstairs, I decided to deck out our basement with some lights and garland to keep our entertaining space looking festive and cozy.

Garland Decorations

It provided a nice backdrop for the buffet of food we had out later in the evening. It also provided a cluster of crap for our cat to chew on. Urrggh. Cats and Christmas do not seem to mesh very well – at least not with our mischievous little orange tabby.

Probably my new favorite holiday thang is this holy goodness amaze balls drink that is as simple as it is delicious. Ladies and gents, may I please introduce you to the World’s Best Caramel Cocoa.

Easy Holiday Drinks

For this gem, all you need is some baileys, milk and hot cocoa (Ghirardelli is the best, IMO). Add a shot of Bailey’s to 4 ounces of cocoa and you are on your way to heaven here on earth. I like to add whipped cream and a cherry on top for some extra lip smacking. 🙂 Here is the exact recipe, if of interest.

  • 4 ounces cocoa (we made ours with warm milk)
  • 1 ounce Bailey’s Caramel Flavor
  • Scoop whipped cream
  • cherry (optional)

And in honor of Elf, one of our new favorite holiday films, I made a little print out to display for the holiday. Remember this print? For the month of December, I swapped it out to add some more holiday cheer to the house 😀

Free Christmas Printable

And the best part? In the name of spreading some of that Christmas Cheer. I’ve uploaded a copy just for YOU, too! Just click on the image below and save the high res file for printing!

Free Christmas Printable

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