It’s so dang hopeful to have a dream in your heart, isn’t it? Since I’m such a real estate addict, I’ve found one of my favorite ways to dream away the day (or night, or morning – I’m really not all that picky on the time of day), is to go virtual house hunting. More often than not, the Trulia tab is pulled up on my browser and I’m drifting through one town or the next thinking about the places we will call home.

I know – way to totally buzz kill the present. πŸ˜‰ The thing is, when your 10-day forecast includes snow – in October – that usually leads to these Southern Planning escapades. πŸ˜‰

Michigan Weather

Today, my day dreaming took me to North Carolina, which is where the hubster and I plan to call home at some point in this crazy little life of ours. How about … Asheville? Shall we?

The Family Home

Everyone is on the hunt for the Leave it to Beaver family home, right? Well by George, I think I found it.

Asheville Houses

OMMERGAAUD. Does this house just scream to you the way it hollas to me? Cuteness. Way too much cuteness. Plant some ivy along that path and some perennials up front and you’ve got yourself a cute brick abode with some majjja curb appeal.

I could see myself waking in this lovely, bright and cheery little bedroom each morning. See the porch off the back (ahh!!). Seriously – I need it, I want it, I can see it.

But also, perhaps this house is a bit too done? Perhaps not enough projects for these twitchy little DIY hands. Let’s move on to the next candidate.

Bright Bedroom

The Lawyer’s Office

This one’s just bursting with potential, an older, gorgeous home, converted into offices. I say – high time to convert it back!

Asheville Homes

It would be pretty fun to turn this kitchen into this kitchen, right?

Old Kitchen Cabinets

The Showstopper

I can’t find Β a single thing wrong with this beauty.Β If the exterior of my house looked likeΒ this guy, I think I would cry every time I walked up the path from pure gratitude. Every single detail about this 1920’s house is absolute perfection. I’ve always wanted a craftsmen home – they just ooze character. From the shingle sidings to theΒ built-ins when you walk in the door, this house would be the perfect home – wouldn’t it?

Asheville craftsmen House

I mean, seriously, look at this front porch. Pour me a glass of wine and let’s talk about your day. All walking distance to downtown Asheville – if that’s not a warm pumpkin doughnut right out of the fryer – I don’t know what is.

Front Sitting Porch

At Your Service

Look at this cutie patootie. Another craftsmen with all the to die for details.

Asheville House

If I had a house with a butler’s pantry, I think I might fall over and die. Which would frankly be a shame, since I wouldn’t be able to enjoy said butler pantry, cause I’d be dead. But seriously, I can just picture it now, lined up with baskets and mason jars and other cute/functional storage accessories.

I’m totally loving those light wood floors, too. Aged to perfection.

Butlers Pantry

Anyone else out there have this hobby obsession? πŸ˜‰ It’s down right addicting when you get started.

Let’s take a vote, if we were moving today, which one would YOU go with? I’m pretty obsessed with the big red house. Think it will still be around in the 5+ year’s it will take us to get down there? πŸ˜€ Never know!

Asheville Housing

Psst… We’ll have the bookcase reveal on Wednesday! Be sure to swing by to see how that turned out.

6 thoughts on “Daydreaming

  1. Saw your tweet and couldn’t resist a peek – love you idea of home! Came here two years ago myself, and now I’m sellin’ the stuff! Thanks for sharing =)

  2. I LOVE # 2. You don’t NEED # 1 because you and Jay do such a fabulous job at fixer-uppering homes that a completely finished home would be a waste of your talents! I also like # 3 … I am sure this hobby/obsession will turn up quite a few beautiful homes!

    If you move, make sure you have a guest room for two friends!

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