Day Zero List

Day Zero Inspiration
Day Zero Inspiration

I can’t help it – I just love a good solid list. Lists and I, we are like peas and carrots (said with a Forrest Gump voice). Something about the pure ecstasy that hits me as I check my task off, it just gives me a little buzz. Like putting money in my savings account, same feeling. Then again, I’m a little odd bout that. 😉

I heard about the Day Zero Challenge from my cousin and before I knew it, I was hooked and my list making had begun. Essentially, how the day-zero challenge works is you establish a list of 101 things you would like to accomplish in 1001 days. The items can be as simple, or as challenging as you want. Thought the blog would be a good place to post my list – to keep me honest and all 🙂

Crafty + Scholarly
1 Take a picture of the same thing every day for (1) month
2 Make a piece of art
3 Learn how to take nicer photographs
4 Walk through the peony garden when the flowers are in full bloom
5 Memorize all countries/states/continents on the globe
6 Memorize the presidents in order
7 Read (50) new novels (Progress 2/50 completed)
8 Visit (3) museums
9 Go to a musical performance
Personal Goals
10 Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
11 Make a new friend
12 Watch the sunrise
13 Learn how to fix holes in my clothes/socks
14 Read the bible
15 Try (5) foods I’ve never had
16 Go to a convention/event I think is odd
17 Go to church with Mom
18 Donate to NPR
19 Donate to SNRE
20 Donate my TIME to a political cause I believe in
21 Volunteer at a soup kitchen
22 Buy a lottery ticket
23 Leave a 100% tip (Completed!)
24 Go out for Restaurant Week at the expensive tier restaurant
25 Buy flowers for the house
26 Get a glass of wine with dinner
27 Go to a movie (have not been in years) (Completed!)
Relationship Building
28 Cook a nice meal for Jay
29 Go on a date night to Cafe Felix and dress up
30 Go to a downtown happy hour with Jay we have never been to
31 Take Mom and Dad out for a nice dinner
32 Help someone reach their goal
33 Go on a vacation with my sisters
34 Have a family game night
35 Pick (3) people that mean a lot to me – write them a letter
36 Give a random gift to a friend/family member
37 Send a someone an encouraging note in the mail
38 Put a love note in Jay’s lunch
39 Write a letter to Grandma letting her know I love her and I’m thinking about her
40 Host a wine tasting party
41 Go on a trip for our (5) year anniversary (6/27/2015)
42 Have a Christmas Party
43 Invite Tom and Laurie over for dinner
44 Go with Jay and Kenny to a U-M basketball game
45 Visit Washington D.C
46 Go to a cave
47 Go to a national park
48 Go on an international trip
49 Visit Canada (doesn’t count as international trip)
50 Go to a Michigan winery for a wine tasting
51 Travel to a state I have not been to
52 Go to Boston
Living Sustainably
53 Join a CSA
54 Have (1) meat-free dinner weekly
55 Go to the farmer’s market once a month for groceries
56 Assess the feasibility of solar panels on the house
57 Go on a nature hike
58 Learn how to identify (4) leaves
59 Go on a day long hike/picnic adventure
60 Learn how to can food
61 Have all the food consumed for (1) meal be from Michigan
62 Purchase only products made domestically for (1) month
63 Run another half-marathon
64 Do a road bike race/event
65 Go on a destination bike ride with Mom
66 Run a race with Rachel
67 Do yoga/meditation every night for one month
68 Reach out to (5) industry professionals for informational interviews
69 Join a board
70 Get promoted
71 Take a course through U-M
72 Attend a chamber networking event
Personal Goals 
73 Don’t swear for a week
74 Don’t complain about anything for one week
75 Don’t go on facebook for one week
76 Don’t use the internet for one day
77 Don’t eat fast food for a month
78 Don’t eat meat for a week
House and Home
79 Convert side porch to Dining Room
80 Dormer the upstairs for Master Suite
81 Renovate the Kitchen
82 Refinish the wood floors
83 Have a successful vegetable garden
84 Get chickens
85 Establish 2-months salary as an emergency fund
86 Don’t buy anything but essentials for one month
87 Contribute 12% of income to retirement
88 Have total CC bill under $800 4-months per year
89 Have total CC bill under $900 4-months per year
90 Wait to purchase non-budgeted items till end of billing cycle – only purchase if allotted funds available
Do Something the Scares You
91 Donate blood
92 Go for a drive along a mountain pass (slowly!)
93 Go for a hike where the bears live (Appalachia)
94 Introduce myself to someone new
95 Bring holiday cookies to neighbors
96 Walk into ocean (I’m a whimp and I think a stingray is going to get me, or a shark will eat me 🙂
97 Start a Blog – Completed!
98 Make (5) things pinned on pinterest
99 Do the Dalmac Bike Ride
100 Get (5) Facials
101 Plan a surprise date night for Jay

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